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occasionally checking the TL while watching a youtube video while playing my switch while talking to my girlfriend. as you can see I have a very good attention span not destroyed by media

if I were the Japanese imperial high naval command, I would simply just build more aircraft carriers

@CornishRepublicanArmy fuk u got me, beating down the wobblies with a bullystick of ultra centralism

"sorry I missed that meeting, I was listening to one band's entire discography to decide which 15 of their hundreds of songs about growing up are their best ones"

god, christ and the holy spirit: or, the divine polycule

how does every speed running community have so much god damn toxicity and drama

The democrats leaked their slogan for 2020 and, fam, “Make Centrism Sexy Again” i gotta say, doesn’t sound like they have their finger on the pulse of society

@spookcentral @sapphicsara smooth yoda is the leader of the dark side but the good guys cant catch him because hes so damn smooth n' slippery

For folks who don't know: RT and In The Now are actual propaganda designed to be consumable and attractive to progressive Western audiences. They are a facet of the overall propaganda structure that includes Russia Today's internal (within Russia, in Russian) propaganda. Russia Today is much more directly anti-queer, anti-Semitic, etc, and RT filters this into a package DESIGNED to be palatable to English-speaking westerners, with the goal of spreading "just asking questions" style disinfo.

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