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1916, the largest war of human history so far rages the world around. the imperialist powers grind men and material as though they are nothing to establish a hegemony of their own.

Ireland at this point has been a British territory for 750 years. 750 years of colonialism, oppression, suppression, assimilation and exploitation. once more the Irish people have been drafted and fed into the meatgrinder of British imperialism. and what will the people of Ireland win out of this? true representation? home rule? the right to speak their own language? no.

and the Irish Republican Brotherhood knew this, they wanted an Ireland free of all of this, a republic of the Irish. in 1912 the Ulster colonists had formed their own volunteer militia to resit those agitating for home rule, so the IRB founded their own volunteer militia. the militia wasn't openly to found a republic, to declare that would get them arrested of course, it was to defend Republicans is all, right :)

the true radical wing of the Irish militias was a separate organisation, the Irish Citizen Army. the ICA were trade unionists, radical socialists and wanted a socialist republic in opposition to the oppression that had been so wrought due to capitalism and property, as their oppression had so often fallen along the lines of Anglo land owners and poor Irish workers.

the ICA was founded by James Larkin, a prominent communist who ended up moving to the US, and the most famous man of the rising, James Connolly. Connolly not only founded the ICA, but he was a part of the founding of the IWW, he was a major Marxist thinker of the time and an all around good lad.

The O'Rahilly was the military man behind the rising. he was not a part of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, and actually wasn't told the rising was going to happen, but he was the man who used his private wealth to stockpile arms and ammunition, he also drilled the IRB militia for the coming rising and took part in it once it had taken off.

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Vietnamese revolution, war and all you can imagine with that fun stuff 

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hey kids, wanna learn about fascism 👀 ?

Fascism is something we all know of here. we see it grow, we see it's hate turned against many of us, we see the destruction it has brought. but what *is* fascism and what is it's cause?

Fascism doesn't arise from the ether like some monster, fascism is an idea and a product of the times in which it was created.

fascism in it's first most basic form was essentially democratic socialism, and in this we see the core of what fascism truly is. fascism is class struggle.

Fascism was produced in post depression Europe. men were hungry, jobs were gone, savings and nations were collapsing. this is something which any leftist knows causes people to become radicalised. but int he case of fascism what we have is a false consciousness to our class consciousness.

the fascist sees the contradictions within capitalism, they are forced before their eyes as they see the social decay that capitalism and liberalism bring about. but from this they draw the conclusions that yes it is the rich who are partly to blame but not the bourgeoisie as a class, but a subsect of them who are a part of 'the other'

that other can be whomever or whatever, the jews, the gays, the slavs, the bolsheviks, w/e. the point is that the pressure built up by those class antagonisms is let out against this other as opposed to for revolutionary ends.

so what of that other part of the bourgeoisie order? those in the ingroup, those a part of the nation? well they are good countrymen, they serve the nation and it's people towards the end goal of making their land great again. fascism is about class colaborationism as much as killing the other. it's about attempting to surpass the dialectic for co-operation of the classes rather than the negation of class by the proletariat

so, when we see the rise of fascism now, what we are seeing is the social decay of capitalism. make no mistake, these fascists are horrible bastards in what they can do, but we must understand where fascism comes from than just decry it is evil. fascism is the last gasps of capitalism attempting to repair the contradictions as it collapses.

'The Spectre of Communism' goes a long way to drive this end. you can't look at the rise of fascism without looking at the failures of socialism and communism across post war Europe as well as the legacy of ww1.

fascists in their birth were men of the great war. be they political or soldiers themselves men like Hitler were vets of ww1, or had been forged by it politically. ww1 in being such a long meat grinder of course had huge amounts of propaganda to keep the war effort going, and of course specifically nationalism. nationalism was screamed at every corner from that summer of 1914 to the autumn of 1918. the nazi's evoked this idea that Germany was betrayed by the armistice, and part of how this was able to catch on was because for 4 years a decade or so earlier these people had constantly been told the great power of German and of the German people, this normalisation of extreme nationalism via war propaganda only allowed reactionary rhetoric to further take the place of economic communist rhetoric

1916-as far as 1939 Europe caught fire with communism at the barricades and socialism in the parliaments. and what came of it? nothing. I already went off in DETAIL about how Lenin fucked up and mentioned that there were 2 German communist revolutions, that both failed. the revolutionary air collapsed and in it's place was the behemoth that terrified Europe, the USSR

people had been drawing lines between Communism and the Jews since Marx (cough cough Bakunin is an anti-semite). it was seen as an ideology to destroy the white race. the position of the USSR as this huge hostile entity, and one that did have predominant Jews in its rise further fed this angle.

so the bourgeoisie happily worked against it, the poor man was angry and scared and here was this target that everybody could point to to say communism is evil. this did a LOT to feed into the false consciousness. it also drove people to ends like nationalism, racialism and other things that gave them pride in who and what they were, pride that they needed where they came home to see their wife hungry and their child sick and them utterly powerless to do anything

and lastly we come to liberalism and it's capitulation to fascism. fascism is liberalism with the contradictions laid bare and a harsher backhand. democracy is a farse in bourgeois society, freedom is free until you rattle your chains, men starve and are beaten. liberalism is all too happy with what fascism ultimately is, those last gasps of capitalism keeping a hold. but liberalism will NEVER capitulate to us, we are the antiethesis to it, we are the destroyer of it and this here is partly why they turn to fascism, because they're scared of us

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Vietnamese revolution, war and all you can imagine with that fun stuff 

Might fuck around and tear down all the unvirtuous institutions which hath corrupted man

Any other brits remember that time a woman put a cat in a wheelie bin and it was national news for like a week

smoking a ciggie while reading big books that I think will make me smart and 'composing' a video essay on the French revolution. folks, I think I just hit peak pseud


PEOPLE OF KNZK: this is it, real existing Juche, you have achieved all you set out to do, the essence of man is free in this small zone. PLEASE keep posting

on the one hand, knzk is pretty neat... on the other hand, I got 2 gfs at once when I left this place. SO, take of that what you will

Mastodon is an echo chamber but it only echos once because it's kinda small

Before Em follows me back here I can secretly change my name to The Incorruptible

But I soft blocked like everybody here and thsn sent out gollow requests again and like barely that many people followed me back here is why I didn't move when Lynne said why not come back

Anyways. Enough about my contovercial takes, now just to make that half pan flag, half cis pride flag...

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