Hello! I'm Lucy, a very gay pan trans girl from the UK. I'm 20 years old and live in London, I be reppin dem west London ends bruv, these days but was forged in the hellfire of occupied Kernow.

I am VERY likely to go off about history and or politics in long threads where I attempt to take very big ideas, like say historical materialism or the Haitian revolution, and break them down for the layman to engage with.

way too much of a fuckin' nerd so just ask me questions about w/e and I will honestly love to answer them in as much, or as little, depth as you'd like.

personal interests are: History, Sociology, Political theory, Theology, Linguistics, Economics and writing fiction.

I have pretty bad dyslexia so be warned that half my posts will have a bunch of dumb mistakes in them

I have two amazingly adorable girlfriends and will end up dating the entire transbian population of Australia by 2027. if you're a gay girl communist with good takes there's a ~85% chance I have a crush on you




Well shit, I meet every qualification I guess

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