I’m either gonna love on a girl or rant about anarchist theory tonight

And I have absolutely no girls


Ranting about theory usually makes me love on said girl and is an expression of me loving when I go off privately. Also, I like people going on about theory so queen, please proceed to rant


The nature of liberal society, no, it’s entire foundation, is based on the systems of oppression. In the response to this fact, two reactions have formed: leftist thought, and fascism. Fascism is an embracing of the foundation of oppression, which liberalism chooses to ignore. Leftism is instead the rejection of this foundation.

Many liberals seek to destroy the foundation, but they also seek to keep the structure of liberal society. This is impossible.

Good take, but you can spice it up by saying that leftist thought it the negation of liberalism and advancement past it. Though liberalism is a system bound to collapse, those advancements in it were at one point revolutionary.


Liberal society is based entirely around the oppression of others. It doesn’t matter who is oppressed, as long as that someone is oppressed. It achieves this through is systems of government and especially through the capitalist system.

To destroy the foundation of these systems, to drive the entire system to ground, and destroying it. This is the only logical conclusion to the flaws of liberal society: the replacement of it.


And I'm just out here like "You can't tell cats what to do"

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