n-no, YOU'RE getting ready to sneak out at 2:38am to do leftist graffiti

walking around with 5 cans of spray paint at 2:50am is surprisingly loud

Btw, if anybody wants to suggest slogans to spray on the wall, feel free to post them

Walking around with 5 spray cans in dead slience makes you sound like a train :p

ALRIGHT, it's back. They painted over this the other day, fucking bastards.

OK, gonna call it there for tonight. I've put a good 8 or so around (plus a secret one) and I'm gonna do some more tomorrow night in a different area. The rest of you, go out and paint the town red!

Hmmm, thing is I'm in London and our cops don't wear blue :p, I can do all cops are bastards though



“big tiddy alf”

“capitalism is not very good”

“bussy riot”

“frankenstein is the name of the doctor”

@CornishRepublicanArmy row row fight the power
then those Gurren Lagann kamina sunglasses


@GreenandBlack fuck, where were you at 2:30am? I could have really used these then lmao

@GreenandBlack I had presumed as much :p being adorable was also what I presumed to

@lynnesbian on a wall in London where hundreds walk past every day, it says that we love each other ❤️

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