n-no, YOU'RE getting ready to sneak out at 2:38am to do leftist graffiti

walking around with 5 cans of spray paint at 2:50am is surprisingly loud

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Btw, if anybody wants to suggest slogans to spray on the wall, feel free to post them

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Walking around with 5 spray cans in dead slience makes you sound like a train :p

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OK, gonna call it there for tonight. I've put a good 8 or so around (plus a secret one) and I'm gonna do some more tomorrow night in a different area. The rest of you, go out and paint the town red!

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Hmmm, thing is I'm in London and our cops don't wear blue :p, I can do all cops are bastards though



“big tiddy alf”

“capitalism is not very good”

“bussy riot”

“frankenstein is the name of the doctor”

@CornishRepublicanArmy row row fight the power
then those Gurren Lagann kamina sunglasses


@GreenandBlack fuck, where were you at 2:30am? I could have really used these then lmao

@GreenandBlack I had presumed as much :p being adorable was also what I presumed to

Took a quick scroll through my Telegram channel and found some good ones :3
"When tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty"
"Follow dreams, not orders"
"No human is illegal"
"Capitalism kills, kill Capitalism"
"Your worth is not measured by your productivity"
"An owie to one, is an owie to all"

@starwall lmao, all I did was run around and spray paint shit on some walls

@starwall well shucks, I'm just a gay lil communist with a chip on her shoulder. I guess it was kinda nice to do graffiti again...

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