1916, the largest war of human history so far rages the world around. the imperialist powers grind men and material as though they are nothing to establish a hegemony of their own.

Ireland at this point has been a British territory for 750 years. 750 years of colonialism, oppression, suppression, assimilation and exploitation. once more the Irish people have been drafted and fed into the meatgrinder of British imperialism. and what will the people of Ireland win out of this? true representation? home rule? the right to speak their own language? no.

and the Irish Republican Brotherhood knew this, they wanted an Ireland free of all of this, a republic of the Irish. in 1912 the Ulster colonists had formed their own volunteer militia to resit those agitating for home rule, so the IRB founded their own volunteer militia. the militia wasn't openly to found a republic, to declare that would get them arrested of course, it was to defend Republicans is all, right :)

the true radical wing of the Irish militias was a separate organisation, the Irish Citizen Army. the ICA were trade unionists, radical socialists and wanted a socialist republic in opposition to the oppression that had been so wrought due to capitalism and property, as their oppression had so often fallen along the lines of Anglo land owners and poor Irish workers.

the ICA was founded by James Larkin, a prominent communist who ended up moving to the US, and the most famous man of the rising, James Connolly. Connolly not only founded the ICA, but he was a part of the founding of the IWW, he was a major Marxist thinker of the time and an all around good lad.

The O'Rahilly was the military man behind the rising. he was not a part of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, and actually wasn't told the rising was going to happen, but he was the man who used his private wealth to stockpile arms and ammunition, he also drilled the IRB militia for the coming rising and took part in it once it had taken off.


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