this graph is a direct representation of my mood over the past week. I felt real bad last weekend which is plotted on here, and then you can just see the EXPLOSION of goodness

heck yeah, I'm a cute lil birb on the mastodex. I was sure Starly would be taken, but I'm glad I got it!

Rousseau actually looks pretty good looking in this painting. not like Saint-Just levels, but he's still up there

WOOP. my birthday presents of myself finally arrived. I wanted to re-read all of these again, but I hate reading PDFs and do really love a good book as a trinket, so I just bought them instead

😬 I'd watch out there Hong Kong, the co-prosperity sphere ain't all that 'protecting'....

there is only one single state in Europe that is good, Transnistria. it's a tiny sliver of land that broke away from Moldova after the dissolution of the USSR. and this is their flag still. don't let the flag fool you, they're no communists they'e just kept their autonomous republic flag they had within the USSR is all

HAHA. my browser offers humanitarianism as a correction for malthusianism. that fucking irony is so sweet

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