1916, the largest war of human history so far rages the world around. the imperialist powers grind men and material as though they are nothing to establish a hegemony of their own.

Ireland at this point has been a British territory for 750 years. 750 years of colonialism, oppression, suppression, assimilation and exploitation. once more the Irish people have been drafted and fed into the meatgrinder of British imperialism. and what will the people of Ireland win out of this? true representation? home rule? the right to speak their own language? no.

and the Irish Republican Brotherhood knew this, they wanted an Ireland free of all of this, a republic of the Irish. in 1912 the Ulster colonists had formed their own volunteer militia to resit those agitating for home rule, so the IRB founded their own volunteer militia. the militia wasn't openly to found a republic, to declare that would get them arrested of course, it was to defend Republicans is all, right :)

the true radical wing of the Irish militias was a separate organisation, the Irish Citizen Army. the ICA were trade unionists, radical socialists and wanted a socialist republic in opposition to the oppression that had been so wrought due to capitalism and property, as their oppression had so often fallen along the lines of Anglo land owners and poor Irish workers.

the ICA was founded by James Larkin, a prominent communist who ended up moving to the US, and the most famous man of the rising, James Connolly. Connolly not only founded the ICA, but he was a part of the founding of the IWW, he was a major Marxist thinker of the time and an all around good lad.

The O'Rahilly was the military man behind the rising. he was not a part of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, and actually wasn't told the rising was going to happen, but he was the man who used his private wealth to stockpile arms and ammunition, he also drilled the IRB militia for the coming rising and took part in it once it had taken off.

@TwoVealCutlets@radical.town this one is morew niche but I am very proud of it

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Vietnamese revolution, war and all you can imagine with that fun stuff 

Vietnam is honestly one of the most anti imperialist nations I can think of historically. so for pretty much like a few thousands years they tried to resist Chinese imperialism of all kinds.then the Europeans show up SO THEY REINVENT THEIR ENTIRE WRITING SYSTEM to use latin characters with diacritics to give China a middle finger for making them use Chinese characters.

of course France then does the whole imperialism jig. in 1885 there was a 10 year rebellion against the French, obviously failed but it was still a huge thing that is sort of the precursor revolt to the later one. in 1930 they had another rebellion, this was an organised one buy soldiers and that too failed but it was monarchist so shit either way tbh

then in 1940 France falls to Germany and Vichy France. Japan sorta occupied French Indochina in 1940 but sorta not, either way by 1945 they had fully occupied it to integrate it into the co-prosperity sphere. since like the late 30s the Viet Minh had been organising and when the Japanese came to town they opened a full on Guerilla campaign against them, the Viet Minh where the Vietnamese communists lead by Ho Chi Mihn.

come the end of the Pacific theater in 1945 the Viet Minh were very popular, nationalist sentiment was running high and they controlled large parts of the rural areas. The US said after the war France was not to get French Indochina back, that being Vietnam Laos Cambodia and parts of Thailand, the French decided actually it's our colony and we're keeping it. BUT. in 1945 the Japanese didn't just hand it over, the occupying Japanese forces stayed there, and the Chinese nationalist government lead by Chiang Kai Sheik, invaded and kicked them out.

so now in late 1945 the Viet Minh are still going around being like "bro... this is Vietnam, China and France fuck off", and the Chinese then hand the keys over the France if France gives back the parts of China it owns, France agrees. so Ho Chi Mihn says fuck this, and declares independence from France, and forces the puppet French emperor to abdicate. the British, French and JAPANESE all then destroy the Viet Mhin government and restore French Indochina.

so this whole time we have our classic Vietnam going on, the Viet Mihn are in the hills and the trees, fucking the French sideways because they're treating this like a conventional war of capturing strategic points like towns and forts. however, in 1949 something happens to the north, Mao wins and the PRC if formed, and both the PRC and the USSR recognise the Democratic Republic of Vietnam that the Viet Mihn are fighting under, so they let them come and go in the Chinese-Vietnamese boarder and arm the fuck out of them. then in 1953 Cambodia also declares independence and starts their own war against France in the region too

1954 is where it all ends for France in one huge fuck up, Dien Bien Phu. the French wanted to lay some bait to draw the Viet Mihn out of the hills so they could strike them a huge decisive blow and win some ground in the war, which they really needed by this point. so the French had this huge multi part fort complex to cut of Viet Mihn supply routes with patrols and search and destroy operations to draw them out to attack the fort or just surrender that whole region. the thing with Dien Bien Phu, and north Vietnam in general, is it's very mountainous and the fort complex was in a valley, completely surrounded by mountains. the French couldn't supply the area by convoy so they thought to use aircraft because there's *no way* the Viet Mihn, a bunch of farmers, could take down the French airforce right.... right? :)

so the Viet Mihn pretty much have to take on the fort complex, but they can't just run at it, they'll be shot to pieces. so what they do is they drag fucking artillery through the mountains, sometimes with fucking men with ropes. they dig all these complex tunnel networks in the mountains all around the complex, and they blast the ever loving shit out of the French. they also have something else, they bring out all these anti-air guns they have completely fucking blasting the only French supplies out of the sky. the French tried to use their own artillery but it just didn't work, the Viet Mihn positions were so dug into the mountains they could just move their guns inwards and not lose them, where the French were in such an open position, the commander of the artillery was so ashamed that he couldn't hit the Viet Mihn he fucking commuted suicide that's how bad it was.

having soften up the defenses the Viet Mihn started slowly creeping forwards with trenches all around all of the complex, just slowly strangling the French as the blasted them with the heavy guns and shot down all their air supplies and support. the Viet Mihn then totally over ran Dien Bien Phu and although some French troops escaped most were captured. France then realised they'd just had their balls kicked in and decided to pull out of Indochina in general.

So, Ho Chi Mihn and the Viet Mihn had won, right? France was defeated and Vietnam was free under the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, right? no... the French did withdraw and the DRV became North Vietnam and the South became South Vietnam which then was propped up by a US backed dictator who vowed to defeat the communist North. this all then sets the stage for something else...

I literally have no idea what the fuck this is trying to say. WHY WOULD YOU BRING DIALECTICS INTO THIS, WE'RE TALKING ABOUT MY MENTAL STATE NOT FUCKIN' HEGEL

Might fuck around and tear down all the unvirtuous institutions which hath corrupted man

Any other brits remember that time a woman put a cat in a wheelie bin and it was national news for like a week

smoking a ciggie while reading big books that I think will make me smart and 'composing' a video essay on the French revolution. folks, I think I just hit peak pseud


@CornishRepublicanArmy drinking game:

- Danton mention: drink
- "Robespierre had some good ideas": drink
- complains about sounding posh: drink
- "criticism of all that exists": take a shot
- "there are actually two kinds of left communism": 2 drinks
- reply girl antics: drink (+1 drink for each cat emoji)
- Bordiga mention: finish your drink and carelessly chuck the glass over your shoulder while in the middle of a casual conversation

PEOPLE OF KNZK: this is it, real existing Juche, you have achieved all you set out to do, the essence of man is free in this small zone. PLEASE keep posting

on the one hand, knzk is pretty neat... on the other hand, I got 2 gfs at once when I left this place. SO, take of that what you will

Before Em follows me back here I can secretly change my name to The Incorruptible

But I soft blocked like everybody here and thsn sent out gollow requests again and like barely that many people followed me back here is why I didn't move when Lynne said why not come back

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