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Homestuck spoilers, graphical descriptions of violence, murder, a sui ment, other upsetting content 

i published a short story i wrote in 2016:

please be aware that it's quite heavy, and it was written three years ago (my writing has improved somewhat since then)

if you like this kind of content, you might want to consider following @dissoci8n, although i post from there pretty infrequently, and nothing as long as this.

wanna go to a polyamorous wedding

when the priest says "you may now kiss the bride" itd be an all out makeout fest

so the CPGB-ML apparently supports brexit.

my theory is that they're trying to make Britain third world, so that they can have a thirdworldist revolution

Petra goes on about Lynne her and I having kids at some point down the line. having 3 trans mothers is gonna be.... 'interesting' to explain at parents evenings

Petra should let Lucy do more stupid shit...

I love my wife, but FUCK sometimes I just wanna do some really dangerous but fun things, and that makes her worried and I don't wanna make her worried and I don't wanna get nagged by my wives either. BUT I WANNA DO DUMB STUFF

you, a dipshit: posts on a decentralized ad free social network

me, a revolutionary genius: generating ad revenue and tracking data for a social network run by nazi sympathizers with close ties to government surveillance agencies

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I'm gonna buy some tights tomorrow. also need to get myself a damn bra, I have been meaning to for ages

GTA 5 is 6 years old? damn... I'm gonna replay the story, I haven't played it since the game FIRST came out

UK-based Yemini artist Asmahan A. Mosleh, known for her hugely intricate mandala artworks #womensart

I've had Sunflower by Post Malone stuck in my head the past few days, and then it was also in into the spider verse. I've listened to it like 10 times today. IT'S A GOOD SONG

god damn it i'm supposed to be 21 years old i'm a mature adult and hear i am absolutely using it as i find and replace "toot" with "shit"

i wonder how many headphone splitters you could chain off each other, each powering one pair of earphones and one other splitter, before the sound becomes inaudible

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