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I want to make it clear that I am actually feminine nonbinary.

I'm not particularly loud about it because the way I've dealt with my gender identity in general has been "work to understand it and then quietly become comfortable with it", but this is Still A Thing.

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Today's trans agenda:

  • sleep some more
  • get coffee
  • take a shower
  • overthrow capitalism
  • toot "im gay"
  • fix up all my git repos

setup cannot continue. there is a not enough free space available on MYASS to install the selected components. please remove files from MYASS or select a different install location

@Irina omg

i don't think i did? i set her up ages ago tho, maybe there's something in there that does that :blobcat3c:โ€‹

2/3rds of my gfs are taller than me and i cant stand it but its also very hot

tall girls are so hot. you should add dani on discord.

Had an awesome night at the #Stunfest2019 concert last night! The pic is from MBR which I greatly enjoyed mindlessly headbanging to. Their rendition of Doom's E1M1 was awesome.

I also saw the sets from Kessler and Sierra.

The real highlight of the night was the last set, by Hollywood Burns. They were really dynamic on stage, and had videos playing on the screen behind them, accompanying their music and telling a sci-fi/horror story. Great stuff!

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