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just a reminder that i have a patreon now:

the main tiers to be interested in are:
- ebooks bot ($2.50) - your own ebooks bot, hosted on my server
- custom bot ($6) - i'll make you your own simple bot. it can make images black and white, find rhymes, play tic-tac-toe, whatever you'd like

if you're interested in the custom bot i implore you to read the whole tier description

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my main projects are:

- , my main project, and the biggest thing i've ever worked on! it's a GUI for creating fediverse bots that supports all sorts of features, from simple "ebooks" type posting to custom reply rules -
- @OCRbot, a bot that uses tesseract OCR to recognise the text in an image and reply with what it believes the image says -- check the replies to this post to see it in action -
- mstdn-ebooks, a command line program for creating ebooks bots. it's very simple and kind of old, but i do still support it. -

This is the first time OCRbot has been updated since October 25th :blobcatsurprised:

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After what feels like forever, OCRbot has received a minor update. The code has been cleaned up, and I've written a guide explaining the various potential error messages:

So if you've ever received an error message from OCRbot without knowing why, this should help.

Cleaning up the code makes it easier to introduce changes later, and makes me feel more comfortable about OCRbot's stability.

If you encounter any issues, let me know, either by tagging this profile, my main account, or sending me an email at

for those who've been following along with this thread, i'm sure you've seen that it's been quite a ride!

once the mstdn-ebooks import functionality is done, i'll be shutting down my paid hosting service after a week. this means i'm cutting off the income source i mainly use to pay for the server.

if you'd like to donate, you can do so here:

there are currently no donor benefits, although patreon pledgers (to any tier) will get early access to my lynne teaches tech posts.

thanks for considering!

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As you will have seen if you've been following my maini account, FediBooks is now live.

You can now sign up for a free account and create your own ebooks bot(s) at

This is not the same as the old FediBooks project, it just uses the same name.

Okay, I've fixed mstdn-ebooks' compatibility with Pleroma.

If you're getting me to host your ebooks bot(s), there's nothing you need to do.

If you're hosting your own (or someone else is hosting yours for you), you only need to do anything if any of the users your bot learns from use Pleroma. In that case, you need to delete `toots.db` and restart the reply service.

Thanks for understanding.

New in mstdn-ebooks: You can now specify a custom location for the config.json file.

@goat has just added support for asking ebooks bots to un/pin their posts. simply reply with
@botname pin
@botname unpin
and it'll do it for you!

this feature isn't quite perfect yet, and i'm in the process of reauthenticating all the bots i manage to work with this new update! :toot:

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you might have noticed OCRbot handles "dark theme" images better. this is because of a recent feature added by @roxxers :toot:

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OCRbot's has been renamed to please update your services accordingly before updating.

i've pushed an experimental fix for the OCRbot federation bug (this one: hopefully this fixes OCRbot's longest standing bug!

i'm currently doing some maintenance on there might be some server errors, slow results, etc.

i made a post about why i should never have made OCRbot, and where and how i went wrong with it.

OCR Output (chars: 1247) 

OCRbot now reports the character count of its transcriptions in the content warning. see its reply to this post for an example.

cc @OCRbot

if i run your bot, let me know if you want me to change the maximum number of bot replies per thread! although i won't change it to something ridiculously high ;3

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good news: mstdn-ebooks bots will no longer reply endlessly in threads. by default, they'll stop after they've made 15 posts in the same thread, which can be configured in config.json.

OCRbot will no longer mention people if their handles are included in images.


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