in the process of testing fedibooks on windows for the first time...

i'll definitely want to include an installer for this

it works

(the username/password entry format is only used for diaspora*, don't worry! mastodon/pleroma/misskey all use oauth)


i want to bundle the font used (noto sans) so windows/macOS users can have the layout look right

i checked the way that chocolatey (a "package manager" for windows) does it and it seems to just hardcode the download URL...

if that's the best solution they've got then i guess i'll do that too

@LynnearSoftware Chocolatey is a package manager in the sense of "it can install stuff", but the repos don't contain packages, they just contain installer scripts.

@ben yeah, i just wanted to make sure i wasn't violating any licenses by bundling it, but since noto sans is released under the OFL, it'll be fine

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