in the process of testing fedibooks on windows for the first time...

i'll definitely want to include an installer for this

it works

(the username/password entry format is only used for diaspora*, don't worry! mastodon/pleroma/misskey all use oauth)

i don't know why my macOS virtual machine starts up with init logs, but i have to say, i vastly prefer it to the apple logo

so fedibooks is confirmed to work on linux (which is where i've been developing it), windows, and macOS :blobcathappy:

i'm sure it'll work fine on *BSD

the REAL question is, does it work with wine :face_think_thonking:


jokes aside, it looks great on linux, pretty good on windows, and rather mediocre on macOS

the buttons are the wrong size, and too tightly spaced, so it really doesn't feel like it's a native macOS app

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