here's what can do so far:

- detect whether a given instance is mastodon/pleroma/misskey/etc
- redirect you to the account creation page if necessary
- authenticate with the instance

in other words, the basics are nearly done 0u0

here's an example of a macOS user going through the guide as far as is currently possible.

(and don't worry, the python rocket icon is a placeholder. i'll be giving it a proper icon eventually!)

if you're concerned about how many permissions it's requesting, or you want to know why it asks for the ones it does, i've written a bit about it here:


is designed to be intuitive and simple to use, but that's not always easy to achieve, and i don't want to overwhelm the user with huge explanations of every step. if you need more information during any step of the way, you can click the "help" button to learn more about the exact page you're on.

right now, the manual works by loading the page from github, but i'll also provide an offline option.

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