@Deiru@gensokyo.social The problem with that is rate limiting - I was using 40 posts as an example, but the limits are implemented as, for example, "only 10 requests" or "only 10 requests on this endpoint".

I'm not sure if this information is still relevant, but this issue - git.pleroma.social/pleroma/ple - notes that "Going to the 'next' page does not return the next page of a timeline, but the current page of the timeline shifted by one element.". This means that the only way to get the next 40 posts truly is by asking for the entire next page 40 times, as each new page only has a single new post on it, and 39 redundant posts from the last page.

This is a solvable issue, but there isn't a solution that is as easy to implement or as well functioning as the Mastodon/Misskey method. The best I can think of is "remembering" that there are still 10 posts to download, and next time mstdn-ebooks runs, downloading those 10. This has its own drawbacks, however, and is a pretty major change to implement for the sake of a single platform not implementing this particular part of the ActivityPub spec. I'd like to note that the 'prev' key is optional in the spec - Pleroma isn't failing to comply with the AP spec, just not implementing a particular optional feature that saves a lot of headaches.

This issue puts it succinctly: git.pleroma.social/pleroma/ple

"No 'prev' property is defined, which could logically point to the 'future' page - this is a the main problem [...] the only way for this check is to request initial endpoint page [...] that results in unnecessary duplicated requests and data transfers, and complicated syncing logic."

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There are a few interesting quirks in how Pleroma formats its outbox, mainly that you can't ask for newer posts - only older ones.

When connected to a Mastodon or Misskey instance, mstdn-ebooks (and FediBooks) works by starting from the oldest user posts it's seen up to that point, and then getting the newer ones until it's caught up to your latest post.

However, this won't work when using a Pleroma instance, because you can't ask for newer posts. Instead, mstdn-ebooks gets your newest post, and works its way backwards until it encounters a post it's seen before.

This is usually okay, but with one exception: Rate limiting. If you've made 50 posts since mstdn-ebooks last checked, but your server is set up to only allow downloading 40 posts in a row, it'll get the 40 newest posts, and the 10 other new posts you made won't be downloaded - ever.

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@pie@pl.ohno.host The change maintains backwards compatibility with the old way of fetching Pleroma posts, so if it worked before, it'll still work exactly the same way now.

mstdn-ebooks and FediBooks have both been updated to handle a breaking change in Pleroma's outbox format.

This change actually happened quite a while ago: git.pleroma.social/pleroma/ple

It seems that nobody noticed that any Pleroma instances running 1.0.7 or newer didn't work with mstdn-ebooks or FediBooks, but today someone *did* notice, and I've fixed the issue.

This is the first time OCRbot has been updated since October 25th :blobcatsurprised:

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@Authoritimmy @fructose_dealer@radical.town @Ophillous@cryptids.online @dragon i know this is way too late but yeah, that was a dumb mistake in the code, the function that was supposed to strip out mentions was disabled

i fixed it soon after finding out, but if this ever pops up again, be sure to let me know

@comradetaylorswift@radical.town OCRbot does support other languages (by invoking it like @ OCRbot japanese), but unfortunately support for fictional ones isn't here yet :blobbun_mlem:

After what feels like forever, OCRbot has received a minor update. The code has been cleaned up, and I've written a guide explaining the various potential error messages: github.com/Lynnesbian/OCRbot/b

So if you've ever received an error message from OCRbot without knowing why, this should help.

Cleaning up the code makes it easier to introduce changes later, and makes me feel more comfortable about OCRbot's stability.

If you encounter any issues, let me know, either by tagging this profile, my main account, or sending me an email at lynne@bune.city.

@pie@pl.ohno.host It should update every two hours. I'll fix that wrapping thing now

@pie@pl.ohno.host I feel like that's outside the scope of FediBooks. It does sound like an interesting idea, but it wouldn't really match the idea of the project. Sorry :patcat:

FediBooks will now display your bot's profile picture on the home page. I know this is a small feature, but every little UX improvement matters!

I'm really looking forward to creating Docker and Yunohost packages. I have little Docker experience and none with Yunohost, so this should be fun!

There's a bug that prevents FediBooks from downloading Pleroma posts, which I suspect will be an easy fix. After that, my project goals are:
. Fetching profile pictures
. mstdn-ebooks import
. Docker
. Yunohost
. Misskey support

Is there anything else you'd like to see soon?

Pleroma support is fixed, and it's now possible to create bots on Pleroma instances.

As Pleroma does not currently support fine-grained app permissions, FediBooks will require full read and write access to your account. You may look through the source code to verify that these permissions are not used maliciously.

Future updates to this thread will be done from this account to reduce clutter on people's timelines.

Speaking of updates, FediBooks will now show you how many minutes remain until your bot next posts something.

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