@goat has just added support for asking ebooks bots to un/pin their posts. simply reply with
@botname pin
@botname unpin
and it'll do it for you!

this feature isn't quite perfect yet, and i'm in the process of reauthenticating all the bots i manage to work with this new update! :toot:

you might have noticed OCRbot handles "dark theme" images better. this is because of a recent feature added by @roxxers :toot:

OCRbot's reply.py has been renamed to service.py. please update your services accordingly before updating.

i've pushed an experimental fix for the OCRbot federation bug (this one: github.com/Lynnesbian/OCRbot/i). hopefully this fixes OCRbot's longest standing bug!

i'm currently doing some maintenance on searx.lynnesbian.space. there might be some server errors, slow results, etc.

i made a post about why i should never have made OCRbot, and where and how i went wrong with it.


OCR Output (chars: 1247) 

OCRbot now reports the character count of its transcriptions in the content warning. see its reply to this post for an example.

cc @OCRbot

if i run your bot, let me know if you want me to change the maximum number of bot replies per thread! although i won't change it to something ridiculously high ;3

good news: mstdn-ebooks bots will no longer reply endlessly in threads. by default, they'll stop after they've made 15 posts in the same thread, which can be configured in config.json.

OCRbot will no longer mention people if their handles are included in images.


if you (or someone else) run your own bot, you'll need to:
- update the bot to the latest version, preferably via git
- run main.py once
- edit config.json so that "mention_handling" is 0

if i host your bot, and you'd like it to stop creating fake mentions, let me know!

it's now possible to prevent your bot from creating fake mentions.

preliminary testing using starwall-e

looks like it works! it's not generating any fake mentions anymore!

i've made a regex filter that will remove the fake mentions that appear at the start of ebooks bot posts. this behaviour will be optional, but it's been lacking from mstdn-ebooks for a while.

a new version of Mastodon.py has been released for the first time in months. mstdn-ebooks, OCRbot, etc. will be updated shortly to work with it. please don't try updating your Mastodon.py version yet.

info about the new release:

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