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in future, i'll be posting about things like
- development of OCRbot, fedibooks, and future projects
- non-shitposting content relating to computers
- information about what i'm working on
- computer advice/support

at my new account, @LynnearSoftware. if you'd like to stay up-to-date on what i'm working on, or you just like it when i talk about tech (who could blame you :blobcatfingerguns:​), you'll want to follow that account as well (or, if you only follow me for tech stuff, follow that one instead!)

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open source the software, stop having it be closed source

important #BoJackHorseman fact:
I love Todd and want to protect him

*roleplaying as someone who's never been online before* hey you spelled "dog" wrong, there's no e at the end

Design Tip of the Day: add a wall-mounted fleshlight to your living room to increase your home's property value #LifeHack

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interesting too know that the word "flat", regardless of context, can make me feel worse when i'm feeling insecure

*sees a hot girl* ack oh no my self esteem
*sees myself in the reflection of the screen* oh no now my self esteem is worse

CVE jokes *and* mayan 2012 "prediction" jokes? i'm so cool

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