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reminder: if you want an ebooks bot but don't wanna host it yourself, you can pledge the $2.50 tier on my patreon and i'll do it for you! you'll be able to set things like posting frequency (even to weird stuff like once a day or every 12 minutes), content warnings, accounts it should follow, and more!!

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fedilab has a new feature where it shows what instance type a given user is on :blobcatthinking:

loving the new mastodon feature where my inbox gets spammed with useless notifications

couldn't they at least condense them into a daily digest or something

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Asking fedi for job help 

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@lynnesbian you have to crawl (learn how to tie your shoes) before you can walk (critique capitalism)

old spongebob: spongebob learns how to tie his shoes through a fun musical segment played by his pet snail
new spongebob: plankton is driven to suicide by his business rival wearing a whale costume

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i said a while ago that i won't admit i'm addicted to rimworld until i get the tetris effect

i recently dreamed about rimworld and that's close enough for me to admit it

the most complex physics engine i've ever written was one that subtracted 9.8/60 metres from your upward velocity every 60th of a second

i probably wrote that wrong but you know what i mean

this is a fantastic issue report

the gist is that the implementation of physics in openRCT2, which is identical to the one in RCT2, is unrealistic and should be improved. it ends with this wonderful line:

"In addition, an exploit exists for a perpetual motion machine, which is a very clear violation of the laws of physics."

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pee is stored in the gall bladder (girl balls bladder)

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re: lewd i guess 

me before moving in with pet: hmm i wonder if living with pet will change how i talk at all, we do say a lot of silly stuff
me now: hecklo you lil snootoid scutoid!! do you wanna wooch a booch?

lewd i guess 

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@lynnesbian since the previous toot specified that it was sarcastic and this one does not i'm going to assume that you're stone cold serious.

my fellow americans

it's true that no API works with all three platforms... but there is something that does: the x86_64 instruction set

i propose a return to assembly based software rendering

what we need is some sort of programmable interface that abstracts away the differences between metal, d3d, oGL, etc. a graphics API API

(this is sarcasm)

my point still stands that the community as a whole is not losing anything of value

who cares if macOS versions of multiplatform games break if the windows and linux versions still work

macOS users get screwed over, yes, but there are still alternatives

unity and unreal and shit can add metal backends but what about smaller engines like löve, which i actually use

is my game not gonna work on newer macs because of opengl being killed off

why should i bother to find a solution when this is a fun personal project and this will effect like 5% of people

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