This seems like a chilling conversation for Americans:


OCR Output 

MacKenzie Fegan @mackenzief - 3d

I just boarded an international @JetBlue flight. Instead of scanning my
boarding pass or handing over my passport, I looked into a camera
before being allowed down the jet bridge. Did facial recognition replace
boarding passes, unbeknownst to me? Did I consent to this?

O48 11361 O690 ity


JetBlue Airways @ @JetBlue - 3d
You're able to opt out of this procedure, MacKenzie. Sorry if this made
you feel uncomfortable.

O13 1220 Ose a

MacKenzie Fegan @mackenzief - 2d

Follow up question. Presumably these facial recognition scanners are
matching my image to something in order to verify my identity. How
does @JetBlue know what I look like?

O2 47 Q 209 a

JetBlue Airways @ @JetBlue - 2d
K'304) The information is provided by the United States Department of
Homeland Security from existing holdings.

On ts4 Osa a

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