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: The New Yorker

“Difficult to quote in
a family newspaper.

—The New York Times

Image 2:
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dparents, Paul was pretty, darling, a girl, yes—

jittle darling;

Dycaid Paul. “Did you?”

hed, delighted.
Diane . Be said. “As long as it’s permanently unclear

+ means, I've always been a girl.”
— Paul laughed. The waitress delivered them their
esectve American cheese omelet and oatmeal, which they
dug into.

“Thad you pegged as a kind of a hippie-artist-antitheory
rson,” said Paul. “Maybe even an essentialist.”

Diane. S:

t the enemy,” said Paul, datas peripheral vision,
°g and James walk in. That was an odd pairing.
in the booth and banked on the likelihood they

to her need? Bias offeoed:

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