Holy shit, never considered that, but this is likely accurate.


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(B, words-writ-in-starlight

The most lingering comment I ever heard someone make
about Millennials was an older man I was talking to
about the way we think about finances—when he dreamed
about being a millionaire as a young man, he talked about
yachts and mansions and trips to the Bahamas; when I
did, I talked about living debt-free and being able to buy
dinner out without looking at my monthly budget. He
heard me out, took me seriously.

And at the end of it all, he nodded and looked at me and
asked, “Do you know who you remind me of?”

And I said no, no I didn’t, and he nodded some more.

“My mother. She grew up just before the Depression hit,
and she saw people lose everything left and right. And
whenever she talked about finances, she sounded just like
you.” He paused for a moment, and said, “I never really
thought about what growing up like that would do to a

He still brings that conversation up, years later. He
hasn't made a single derisive comment about Millennials

Source: redcharade


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