seattle pol, coffee, transmisogyny 

just passing this on from a friend who sent me thihs twitter link:

"hm, seattle ppl, looks like Caffe Vita has been up to some usual transmisogyny .... consider coffee from elsewhere! [shared from local pages]"

#seattle #coffee #trans #transmisogyny



OCR Output (chars: 564) 

Caffe Vita recently fired
a trans woman only on
“suspicion” of her giving
drip coffee at the end of
night to houseless people
(coffee that is going to
be dumped down the sink

Within a day of the
firing, they removed the
trans pride flag from
their window...

This is all a week or so
after Mike McConnell was
misgendering a trans
woman in front of me,
even after I corrected
him multiple times.

Don’t give that place
your money, there are
plenty of coffee shops to
choose from that are not

run by racist,
transphobic bros.

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