@strnom wow, and it has a really good sense of #mastodon! Really nailed it.

Just a little biased on music… I dunno… but well… we're also an awesome platform for music. 😆


@strnom @OCRbot wow and it is lyrical, it can do poems…

(okay in the first try it talked about capital and somewhat anarchistic things, which did not fit the saying there…· but then this get out)

And I have to say, it's not bad. That poem.

@strnom @OCRbot hah, damm, I thought I could mislead it, …, but I got a sweet story instead. Not bad. 😆


OCR Output (chars: 778) 

(Couldn't find a language with the name 'oh', falling back to default.)

Let's talk about a different topic than creepy green aliens. Yes, I will really
NOT talk about Al or ET or such things. I'll talk about bunnies instead. This
has nothing to do with the science behind them, and everything to do with
animal welfare.

Bunnies are considered the most important object in this planet. They are the
backbone of ecosystems. They are responsible for the majority of animal
births on Earth. I bet that many of you who know nothing about animal
welfare have never heard of bunnies. They have very few natural predators
(except other bunnies), and no natural defense system. They exist on a planet
that is totally inhospitable to even the bunniest of animals.

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