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just passing this on from a friend who sent me thihs twitter link:

"hm, seattle ppl, looks like Caffe Vita has been up to some usual transmisogyny .... consider coffee from elsewhere! [shared from local pages]"

#seattle #coffee #trans #transmisogyny


following up on this cafe vita thing.

Looks like cafe vita is implying people CHOOSE to be homeless so they can get sweet sweet free coffee

reminder that capitalists are not good people. even "small, local" varieties



#seattle #coffee #trans #transmisogyny #capitalism #nyc (tagging nyc as they recently opened a shop there)


OCR Output (chars: 1316) 

Hello alt,

As many of you know Caffe Vita, a8 well as Mike and Liz, are a
‘work with homeless youth and adults

ively involved with many organizations that

‘We recently leamed that some employees have been giving away Vita gift cards, food, and coffe to homeless
people in the neighborhoods we occupy.

Although these were well placed intentions, please understand, it is our belie, that feeding homeless people
‘without comprehensive services actually enables, increases and promotes homelessness. In order for us to do
{good things in the neighborhood we mus ist have a succesful business — giving away products is theft and
the grounds for immediate employment termination. If our business is filled with homeless people many’of our
customers will likely choose altematives, negatively impacting our livelihoods.

‘We invite anyone interested in joining our charitable efforts aimed at homelessness (there are many to choose
from.) Please fel free to contact me if you would lke to discuss opportunities to volunter or donate in order to
‘make a meaningful impact. We all want to make the Seattle a beter place forall, and working together we can
help make it happent

Thank you

Isaiah Washington I General Manager
Caffe Vita Coffee Roasting Co.

calles com I effet I CVtasboak

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