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Why do people get angry when I
try to share the word of God
with them? I only do it because I
care about them deeply and
don’t want them to end up in
hell. I feel like some people
avoid me because of this. Is
there any way to get through to

Doug Robertson, studied at University of

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The entire process is not what you think it is.

It is specifically designed to be uncomfortable for the
other person because it isn’t about converting them
to your religion. It is about manipulating you so you
can't leave yours.

If this tactic was about converting people it would be
considered a horrible failure. It recruits almost no
one who isn’t already willing to join. Bake sales are
more effective recruiting tools.

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On the other hand, it is extremely effective at
creating a deep tribal feeling among its own

The rejection they receive is actually more important
than the few people they convert. It causes them to
feel a level of discomfort around the people they
attempt to talk to. These become the “others”. These
uncomfortable feelings go away when they come
back to their congregation, the “Tribe”.

If you take a good look at the process it becomes
fairly clear. In most cases, the religious person starts
out from their own group, who is encouraging and
supportive. They are then sent out into the harsh
world where people repeatedly reject them. Mainly
because they are trained to be so annoying.

Image 3:
These brave witnesses then return from the cruel
world to their congregation where they are treated.
like returning heroes. They are now safe. They bond
as they share their experiences of reaching out to the
godless people to bring them the truth. They share
the otherness they experience.

Once again they will learn that the only place they
are accepted is with the people who think as they do.
It isn’t safe to leave the group. The world is your
enemy, but we love you.

This is a pain reward cycle that isa common
brainwashing technique. The participants become
more and more reliant on the “Tribe” because they
know that “others” reject them.

Mix in some ritualized chanting, possibly a bit of
monotonous repetition of instructions, add a dash of
fear of judgment by an unseen, but all-powerful
entity who loves you if you do as you are told and
you get a pretty powerful mix.

Sorry, I have absolutely no wish to participate in
someones brainwashing ritual.

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