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Weltempfanger (World Receiver), 2018

Concrete, brick, and metal antennae in
seven parts

Isa Genzken
German, born 1941

Purchased with funds provided by Virginia Wright
and the Contemporary Collector’s Forum. Additional
support provided by Jon and Kim Shirley, Ann and
Bruce Blume, Lynn and Mikal Thomsen, and Carol
Kipling and David Tseklenis, 2018.13

Isa Genzken’s concrete and poignantly mute
Weltempfanger radios—the German word for
short-wave radios translates literally as “world
receivers”—have a special resonance in a
German context because the Nazi party used
the radio as a propaganda tool. At the same
time, radios allowed people in Germany to
secretly dial in to the Allied stations. Far
beyond the history of World War II, radio
continues to play a defining role in political
and cultural discourse today.

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