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I was at Whole Foods yesterday, which is owned by
Amazon, which paid $0 in income taxes on $11 Billion in
profits in 2018, and which is operated by Jeff Bezos,
who is worth roughly $112 Billion, making him the
wealthiest man in the world.

The reason that I mention this is that Whole Foods was
having a holiday food drive and had the absolutely
ludicrous fucking audacity to suggest that I purchase
food from them so I could then give it back to them so
that they could use it to feed hungry families during the
holidays. In essence, a man who is worth more money
than the average human would earn in 45,000 lifetimes
asked me to give him $5 so that hungry children could
have crackers because it is essential that he profit
before hungry people eat.

Whole Foods and Jeff Bezos should not need me to
broker this transaction, but since they asked, I solved
the problem that they are either too stupid or too selfish
to solve on their own by walking through the aisles,
grabbing armfuls of food and depositing it in the
donation bins. You're fucking welcome.

It's really a zero-risk maneuver, as you haven't stolen
anything, simply placed items in a different location in
the store, and in the unlikely event that you are
confronted by an overworked and underpaid Whole
Foods employee, you can ask them to try to sort your
contribution out of the donation bin by figuring out the
exact point when they are taking food out of the mouths
of hungry children and when they are taking money out
of the pocket of the man who accumulated that money
by underpaying and overworking his employees.

I will be doing this on every visit to Whole Foods
throughout the holidays and hope that all of you do the
same. Happy Holidays.

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