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This was the crossword puzzle in the New
York Times yesterday.

Tausig’s crossword is a so-called
Schrédinger puzzle, named for the

physicist’s hypothetical cat that is at once
both alive and dead. In a Schrédinger
puzzle, select squares have more than one
correct letter answer: They exist in two
states at once. “Black Halloween animal,”
for example, could be both BAT or CAT,
yielding two different but perfectly correct
puzzles. Only 10 such puzzles have now
been published in Times history.

It’s the theme of Tausig’s puzzle, though,
that makes it special. Four entries in
Thursday’s crossword can include either an
“F” or an “M.” Both are correct; neither is
wrong. For example, “Part of a house” can be
either ROOF or ROOM. The long “revealer”
answer, tying those select entries together
and spanning 11 squares smack-dab in the
middle of the puzzle, is GENDER FLUID.

This puzzle, with “M”s and “F”s that aren’t
fixed, is a masterful blend of subject and
structure. “It potentially really evokes what
gender fluidity is, which is not moving

back and forth between two poles, but
actually not being committed to either pole,
and potentially existing in many states at
different times,” Tausig said.

i. mournjargon

This is ... really cool.

& half-ace

i never really thought of crossword puzzles as
an art form, but like... this is art.

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