I think that pushback against literary analysis is an expression of contempt for art in general. "It's not that deep" is a way of saying art is not worth understanding, which is another way of saying that it is not worth spending any time on. People who say this very often do spend time engaging with art, but they internalise an ideology which is opposed to art functioning as anything other than a commodity


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I have never played a game I could truly call a masterpiece, until
I stumbled upon this game. Comparing this to every other game
I have ever played in my entire life, this is a true life changing
experience on almost godly levels. I firmly believe that this is
the pinnacle of human evolution, a result of billions of years of
lifeforms mutating their DNA resulting in us humans. From the
first speck of dust in the universe, a whole wide array of
materials and matter was created, with the sole purpose having
a sentient, biological species create this saintly game.

Throughout the lifespan of the earth, which could be estimated
to be around 4.5 billion years, us humans have only been
around for 200 000 years. We were the only ones who could
harness almost all forms of energy on this planet, with the final
goal of creating Garfield Kart.

This will undoubtedly ascend humankind to the interstellar
space age, where we will finally cement our existence to realms
unimaginable today.

Being born in the age where this game exists has truly been a
blessing beyond my own fragile mind. A true god would
understand the capacity of goodness this is.

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I truly believe that everyone that has not bought this game has
only refrained from doing so because they don't believe they
deserve such a virtuous product... No, describing this entity with
a crude and unmannerly word such as “product” would be an
insult to this prodigious and marvelous creation.

This is truly the peak of humanity.

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