Queermisia (chat logs) 

So homophobe conspiracy guy started haranguing me on fb. I engaged calmly (which was prob a mistake tbh) but disengaged once he just started dribbling bile. Wondering if I'm overreacting or if I have grounds to make a complaint at work given that he expressed worse sentiments yesterday (irl so no proof sadly) and has continued it out of work time.


re: Queermisia (chat logs) 

@ackthrice @OCRbot Ugh I'd complain to HR, you've told him to not discuss this with you and he has gone on to do so anyway. That crosses out of "disagreement" and firmly into, he wants to do worse or say worse but can't or won't and so he can't let it go.


OCR Output (chars: 718) 

(Couldn't find a language with the name 'ugh', falling back to eng.)

Image 1:
Say no more
It's not a difference in

values, it’s just one of us
can’t see the truth. It’s the

Image 2:
I never said anything about
ur group of people. I just
said keep it away from

That’s all

I have no other qualms

I always have

Just keep it away from
children, that’s all I ask

OG & Aa ® é

Image 3:
But then again, I knew back
in 2010/11 this would
happen, that there would
be movements to not only
support but promote LGBT
and I knew they would be
rying o educate children
about this. A lot of people
refused to believe me... I
new this would happen.

And confuse them in the

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