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I want to talk about the poor marketing of climate change
for the last 30 years.

1. The planet isn’t in danger; we are in danger

2. The planet has been through worse; we have not.

3. It's not being obsessed with nature; it's being obsessed
with surviving

4. It shouldn't be “do you care about the environment?” It
should be “do you care about your environment?”

5. It's not global warming; it’s forced climate

6. It’s not controversial; it’s currently happening,
measurably. As predicted.

7. The planet doesn't care if we step up and heroically
change course, it'll be fine. We won't be.

8. The most nationalistic, selfish thing to do is ensure our
power and health is to keep the oil in the ground; it also
happens to be the most globalistic and humanitarian thing
to do as well.

9. Scientists aren't begging us to do anything; they are just
looking out the window and telling us the forest is on fire,
and holding the blinds open so we can see.

10. The climate isn’t an issue. It’s the one issue that
contains every single other issue.

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