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Ifixit will be letting the world know today whether or
not the rumor that batteries are serialized on the
iPhone 18 is true. If this is true, it would mean that if
you swap a battery between one iPhone 13 to
another, even if they are iPhones they were
purchased at the Apple store with OEM batteries,
that the phone would not function properly with that
battery. I'm not talking about a warning that shows
up on the screen, but an actual honest to God
difference in how the phone draws power from the
battery. This is not the type of thing that I would
usually believe in a random post, but from the
person who brought us the dot fix... Man.

This is scary. As I say, and all these videos, every
company has a tendency to follow Apple, even the
companies that claim to be different and go out of
their way to differentiate themselves from Apple.
Even the companies that make commercials
making fun of Apple doing things like getting rid of
the headphone jack will soon have to eat their
words, because they all eventually fall in line and do
the exact same thing. This would be the line in the
sand, this is too much. This would be the beginning
of a true dystopia. Imagine a world where you could
not replace the batteries on your game boy without
Nintendo's explicit say so. Not something I thought
we would live through in our lifetime. I genuinely
hope this is not true.


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