OCR Output (chars: 792) 

én ohmamadontyoucry

so the other night i was with friend cop, and i
went to give him a hug goodbye, and he turned
off his radio (???) and i asked what was up and
he said “last time we hugged your shoulder hit
my radio and called dispatch” and i thought he
meant like, the 911 dispatcher but NO i
accidentally radioed every single other officer
on shift and they all heard him say “i love you-
oh shit my radio's on”

aN ohmamadontyoucry

just gonna add on that there's a 0% chance the
other officers on shift didn't radio back “omg
love you too!!!" or try to figure out who he was
talking to and i fell down laughing at this and he
sat there with a look on his face that said for
the last two days he'd been dealing with a
constant "[10 code]" “what's up” “i love you”

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