OCR Output (chars: 869) 

ob arahir
use comic sans to write

i hate this so much but this knowledge is too powerful to keep from you all.

last night @​phaltu discovered that setting your font to comic sans in google docs
improves writing speed and creativity by an insane amount. “no” isaid and “die” but
then i tried it and god. i wish it wasn’t this way. i wish it wasn’t true. i wish i could
protect you all from this butit’s real.

something about this font is so disarming. something about this font lets you look
past the shape of the words and into their soul. i've never written so much asi did last
night, on my phone, at 2am, in comic sans.

if you have writer’s block. if you lack inspiration. if you need this. don’t be afraid to use
it sometimes the things we find most horrifying are also the things we need the most.
trust me. let comic sans into your lif.

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