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Pope Francis @​ Vv

When we are in a state of sin, we are like
“human bats" who can move about only
at night. We find it easier to live in
darkness because the light reveals to us
what we do not want to see. But then
our eyes grow accustomed to darkness
and we no longer recognize the light.

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On the contrary Holy Father, the darkness
brings to the bat precisely that which it DOES
want to face, not what it doesn’t. Bats are not
under the cover of night committing crimes
for which it should be ashamed, but providing
invaluable services to our ecosystems and

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Bats pollinate a wide range of flowers and
trees that give entire countries their goods for
export; they eat literal tons of bugs per night
and save farmers millions of $$ in pesticides,
which also improves the quality of our food;
they spread seed & help reforest after

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Really, bats are a better represented by Our
Lord’s words in Matt. 6:1 when He teaches,
“Beware of practicing your piety before men
in order to be seen by them...” Bats practice
their good works in the darkness and serve as
an example to how diligent in service we
ought to be.

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And all this in the face of constant disrespect,
threat of injury and death, very little thanks or
praise from humans.

We ought to “not grow weary in well-doing”
as St Paul says and expect to be hated in
spite of the good we do. THEN we will be like

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