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accessing scientific papers 

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Whenever we cook curry, I put a can of diced tomatoes in it. When I'm about to I always say.

"lynne.... do you know what time it is? I think it's one of your favourite times, do you know what it is"

and she says

"gosh, could it be.... tomato time?"

and then I say "gosh, she guessed it!" and then we open the can and tip it in and it goes glug glug glug and lynne giggles super cutely whenever she hears the noise and then she starts bouncing up and down chanting "tomato time!"

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pol, disappointment, slight call to arms, slight misanthropy 

technology gods fucking with me beyond comprehension, long, rant, baffling 

I swear half of lesbian romance books are about either cops, bosses or admirals

We just bought a Wii for 20 bucks.

I love getting consoles when they're old enough to be out of the mainstream, but where they're still plentiful, and not old/rare enough to be expensive and retro.

I just bought a 3DS last week too, and we fixed up our PS3, and keep getting (old) good games for like 2 bucks from local retail places that desperately are trying to dump stock from past generations.

video game idea: a Dr Seuss Mario Kart clone called "The Need for Thneed"

So i did Kawashima's brain training and it said my brain age was 60 ... -_-

re: bushfire areas burned update 

bushfire areas burned update 

So I got a cheap secondhand 2DS XL 4 days ago, my first ever handheld in the DS family

of the games i've gotten my favourite has to be Yokai Watch 2. It's like pokemon but better in every way tbqh

it's not as fun to grind and minmax with as pokemon, but apart from that it's just straight up better. the story is way more interesting, it has way more character and soul and its mechanics are distinct enough to have a unique feel

like Yokai Watch combat is real-time not turn-based

also it has the most wonderful, DK-rap tier song at the start

using Alastor's "HA! no" gif is such a power move tbh

a discussion and teardown of the "Planks of Communism" 

do you like my new 2DS guys

(I spent 5 goddamn hours on this joke)

ramble about racing games 


you don't just read Marx.

you read it, generate a theory of mind, rewrite it, then read it properly this time.

re: Reading Marx-posting, expletives, anger 

Reading Marx-posting, expletives, anger 

selfie, eye-contact 

selfie, eye-contact 

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