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Whenever we cook curry, I put a can of diced tomatoes in it. When I'm about to I always say.

"lynne.... do you know what time it is? I think it's one of your favourite times, do you know what it is"

and she says

"gosh, could it be.... tomato time?"

and then I say "gosh, she guessed it!" and then we open the can and tip it in and it goes glug glug glug and lynne giggles super cutely whenever she hears the noise and then she starts bouncing up and down chanting "tomato time!"

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pol, disappointment, slight call to arms, slight misanthropy 

to americans talking about boris johnson becoming pm as if britain just elected trump 

han feizi quote, fucking savage (short) 

health (+) 

health (~) 

uspol, fascism 

The west is having an extremely normal one right now



mh/coping vent (-) 

wanna be a citizen of the UK? better know the national flower of Wales

complex systems posting 

if we imagine that we had bodies where we had undifferentiated cells throughout trying to process liver function, no one in the world would think "yeah that'll be as efficient", but somehow people think humans can do stuff like that and there's nothing to worry about

re: (long) ramble, slight disambiguation 

I think at this point i need a keybind for "kill and restart discord and riot" cause they're so damn unstable on my machine

(long) ramble about complex systems and their implications for politics and economics 

Valerian Albanov posting 

context for the quote 

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