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Whenever we cook curry, I put a can of diced tomatoes in it. When I'm about to I always say.

"lynne.... do you know what time it is? I think it's one of your favourite times, do you know what it is"

and she says

"gosh, could it be.... tomato time?"

and then I say "gosh, she guessed it!" and then we open the can and tip it in and it goes glug glug glug and lynne giggles super cutely whenever she hears the noise and then she starts bouncing up and down chanting "tomato time!"

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I'm loving my sociology course. I just get to waffle about Marx and social constructionism in a context they give me for 500 words and I get credits for it

"Being crucified is just such bottom energy"

  • Matt Watson

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start a finance-oriented fedi instance at

Open Veins of Latin America is a great book and y'all should read it if you can:

For its foreign masters and for our commission-agent bourgeoisie, who have sold their souls to the devil at a price that would have shamed Faust, the system is perfectly rational; but for no one else, since the more it develops, the greater its disequilibrium, its tensions, and its contradictions. Even industrialization—coming late and in dependent form, and comfortably coexisting with the latifundia and the structures of inequality—helps to spread unemployment rather than to relieve it; poverty is extended, wealth concentrated in the area where an ever multiplying army of idle hands is available.

my economics tutor just questioned evolution

the lecture used sexual assault charges as an example of behavioural economic heuristics

this class is fucking cursed. help.

just got me an R34 hotwheels and im zooming it around on the table =w=

I just beat Slay the Spire and killed the heart on ascension level 3 =w=

feeling like a powerful creacher =w=

help, i'm writing a summary on Max Weber and my marxism is leaking

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y'all ever consume media that's otherwise really good but then the creators just have to make a girl fall in love with the highly mediocre protagonist guy for no good goddamn reason?


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