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Out of context sentence of the day:

"Forced annexation will be swift, brutal and without mercy to sheep, man or hobbit."

"Traditional life of Indigenous cultures was affected by the arrival of European settlers"

understatement of the millenium

Someone make me a power metal rock opera about the french revolution. i'm sick of hearing about kings

Had to ask Jordan Peterson to leave our Sims 2: Castaway save cause he tried to cheat with one of us on the other, and destroyed our relationship.

Gotta say, I think that's a brand new sentence.

I just asked Lynne to put the big band music on, then I moaned about my hip.

What's happening to me :p

lynne: so right now my social score is 59 for the chimp, 20 on petra and 7 for jordan peterson

Just started a Sims 2: Castaway save, with a crew consisting of me, Lynne, Lucy and Jordan Peterson.

Ready to get shitwrecked?

Just picked up Burnout 3 for the first time in a decade and wow it's fun and I surprisingly still kinda have it :ooo

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