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Whenever we cook curry, I put a can of diced tomatoes in it. When I'm about to I always say.

"lynne.... do you know what time it is? I think it's one of your favourite times, do you know what it is"

and she says

"gosh, could it be.... tomato time?"

and then I say "gosh, she guessed it!" and then we open the can and tip it in and it goes glug glug glug and lynne giggles super cutely whenever she hears the noise and then she starts bouncing up and down chanting "tomato time!"

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If the only thing holding together your ideal society is the constant and complete continuation of an anti-authoritarian attitude, you're going to have a bad time

Today I've driven around, given emotional support, had a hugely difficult conversation, had a long doctor's appointment, and helped lynne go to uni all on 3 hours of sleep and a fuckton of drama from last night.

I'm super proud of myself.

Ah, time for a break from work

cracks open marx like a dumbass without limited energy

holy fuck im making such great progress on my research essay

Try Marxism-Leninism! For when you like being a succdem but hate the "dem" part!

lynne: what do you think of femino-marxism

me: marxist feminism is a well established thing

lynne: what do you think of it?

me: it's fine

lynne: that's the highest praise I've ever seen you give to leftist ideology

Currently sitting groggily in my PJs in the car listening to 'Tank!' while picking up a cheap pizza

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Demsocs be like "the real class war was the friends we made along the way"

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