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something: *happens*
bun, vibrating with excitement: "omg omg omg omg i gotta tell lynne this was so cool/cute/funny"

> gif of me running to tell Lynne about things

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@CornishRepublicanArmy 2033. The Supreme Polycule has declared itself its own entity. they comprise a third of the population of the world and have entirely seized all of Europe and annexed large pieces of Russia. The Resistance has fallen after half the members started dating someone in the Polycule and defected to their side. they are unstoppable. they are ever growing. there is no hope of defeating them.


actually, you know there are a couple cuties over there, maybe we shouldn't run..

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plushies are the best hecking thing in the entire universe and my mind cannot be changed

(420/1337)*10 is equal to pi with just a 0.007% error

@dragon consider this: you can also unbutton from the bottom

how to wear a button-up:

look around to your coworkers, superiors, see roughly how high their buttons are, judge what the appropriate button-level is based on that, maybe button up one further if you're feeling conservative

undo 2 buttons


terfs gonna terf 

Have you tried:
- empathy
- self-compassion
- honest communication
- setting boundaries
- rest

ukpol - 


wtf tankies 

daily reminder that pyretta bad and you shouldn't pretend they're not

Want to fix police brutality and cops killing unarmed people?

When ever a cop gets cited for excessive force, take a piece of their pension.

If a cop kills an unarmed person, take their pension.

All this shit would get cleaned up REAL QUICK.

Qanon but its tracing all the drama on mastodon over the past year back to selfagency

Learning a lot of things today like the gold lines representing all the championships the Saints were robbed of by referees (the black and white lines).

i feel like i talk about being a lesbian too much, the only way for me to fix this is for me to talk about being a lesbian more

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