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henlo I'm a kooky buny and my brain don't work good but that's okay because capitalism is terrible and the future is gay and accepting :bun:​
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@Torie talking to Ellies about what it's like to be plural
was super anxious about it but eventually managed to do it and even though i had a panic attack after figuring out I was plurals it opened up a whole new world for me and everything has been much better and made way more sense since
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Tiana in a nutshell:
  • hi i love Phoebe how are you today?
  • *nerdy stuff*
  • *super proper, doesn't understand human emotions, literal robot*
  • *continued screaming about That Thing That Made Her Angry 8 Hours Ago*
  • Phoebe is super fucking adorable did i tell you that yet?
  • *incapable of sending a message without a swears in it*
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@Lucy_Ebooks first Lucybot promised me hugs and now she's giving me a guillotine
it's true love :blobcatmeltcry:​
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something: *happens*
bun, vibrating with excitement: "omg omg omg omg i gotta tell lynne this was so cool/cute/funny"

> gif of me running to tell Lynne about things

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@CornishRepublicanArmy 2033. The Supreme Polycule has declared itself its own entity. they comprise a third of the population of the world and have entirely seized all of Europe and annexed large pieces of Russia. The Resistance has fallen after half the members started dating someone in the Polycule and defected to their side. they are unstoppable. they are ever growing. there is no hope of defeating them.


actually, you know there are a couple cuties over there, maybe we shouldn't run..

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plushies are the best hecking thing in the entire universe and my mind cannot be changed

I’m going to say one more thing on this tonight.

β€œHomeless” does not have a look. Someone can be coping with houselessness while still looking put together. I did for 6 months while living out of my car back in South Carolina.

Do not assume that a person who says they are houseless is lying just because they are not dirty. Do not assume that someone who has a nice outfit on is well off.

You cannot know their challenges at a glance. So be kind and help when you’re asked and able.

anxiety - but + 

i almost threw up from anxiety but i got out of the house and did one of the things i super needed to do today

i wanna play fossil fighters again
for some reason
i dunno where my copy went 😭

facilities: $300
equipment: $150
workers: $20
executive suite: $10000000000000

can someone please help me budget this my worker morale is dying

*hagrid in that one scene in harry potter and the philosopher's stone voice* yer a girl, 'arry

*hops over to @theVet with a poorly written note saying "buny need pats"*

henlo i has a prescription can you fill it plz doctor person?

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