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plushies are the best hecking thing in the entire universe and my mind cannot be changed

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gosh I love my furry friends, they always share the most wholesome and cute and awesome art and comics and I heckin' love it

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I am the softness of my snuggle
Fluffy is my body and loving is my heart
I have had over a thousand snuggles
Unknown to death
Nor known to life
Have snuggled often to create many techniques
And these hands will always hold yours
So, as I pray, Unlimited Bun Works!

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there are two bunnies inside of you:
one bunny is soft
the other bunny is fluffy

you're a soft, fluffy bunny :bun:

liberalism, pol 

my name is Íñigo Montoya
you killed my father
prepare to die edition

@hoppet you've seen all the weird nonsensical (and completely factual) plot summaries I've posted

real life is just Guild Wars 2 but with shitty writing and tons of plot holes and without dragons who say "trans rights" and then go to space

@popstar I actually got a dude to do it once. I demanded a donation to a local BLM group to continue the conversation AND HE DID IT

I was fucking floored

I would love more ppl demanding this because every now and again it works. It really does.

I need pictures of my fursona throwing milkshakes full of glitter at facists while wearing these:

One of the funniest jokes you can do is taking a picture of a housecat doing anything and captioning it "nature's deadliest hunter"

"I dont care" screams the man who will be left behind by a starbucks barista once and then wear the hoodie under the denim jacket

Someone please let me work out again wednesday...

two cowboys are standing in a three square foot town

"this town ain't big enough for the two of us"

"yeah, I'm not sure why they called it a town"

then they both leave

two cowboys face off in the town square

"this town ain't big enough for the two of us"

at the stroke of noon, they both shrink by about a foot in height

"that's much better"

and they go their separate ways

a bot that replies with every single post made during june with "what does this have to do with pride month"

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