:blobcattilt: "every browser is chrome"
:blobcatfingerguns: iOS, where every browser that supports javascript is safari

@00dani hmm well there is phoebe, who is a cute bun, and there's me, who... wait a minute!! :blobcatsurprised:

Okay maybe a little tiny bit but my plushie Ms Bun Bun is cuter give her attention instead >//>

It's Medow! The lil non binary bunny boo!!! They're so heckin cute!

@aCuteLittleBox @Petra_fied @lynnesbian the reason I'm even now engaged to Petra is because Lynne set us up when I first started dating Lynne. I am MORE than used to it by now :p

@CornishRepublicanArmy @lynnesbian @Petra_fied aoesnutmaoskrethbasontekmSMNTAMOBELKRCAHBOEKSNTAMOBERKJHBOEK :blobbunblush::blobbunblush::blobbunblush::blobbunblush::blobbunblush::blobbunblush::blobbunblush::blobbunblush::blobbunblush::blobbunblush:

@aCuteLittleBox @lynnesbian @Petra_fied luke 5 minutes ago I messaged with Petra about how cute you are, and she agrees, and OMG YOU'RE SO CUTE I JUST WANNA SQUISH YOU. I now see why people find my frantic being flustered adorable

@aCuteLittleBox @lynnesbian @Petra_fied seriously though this is like looking back in a mirror when somebody flirts with me haha


@CornishRepublicanArmy @lynnesbian @Petra_fied "Lucy gets flustered easy too I should get revenge by flirting so she gets flustered, all I gotta do is... is flirt... with Lucy.... sanotemkbseorhtkbalrehtukanot.emularhoetkb-nt;eosmklrahoeumbaeomsk"

@aCuteLittleBox @lynnesbian @Petra_fied no, you're a cutie bune who should be told that she's cute, and it's also very fun to watch you get all flustered

@aCuteLittleBox @lynnesbian @Petra_fied ugh, I only have a little bit before I have to work, but I'm gonna get Lynne to actually introduce us soon, because you seem really nice! and I'd like to get to know you =w=


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