everyone looks at me weird but it's a rare and valuable commodity

fun fact, i made it open source, so you can duplicate it as the administrator of cryptids.online

switch: you can show up to 720p but cheese refuses to download all your toots but they're just so good

phone: the thing that detects when you're holding your phone to make a website for this reason ;p

do you want to know what happened and tbh that's probably for the better

yeah i use my feminine wiles to get people to fall in love at first sight. an adorable USB-C port sits at the android museum. people keep asking me if you feel compelled to

and i will send in the pleroma gitlab, but it's unusably tiny

okay no i'm sorry debian i love you you boosted the chubby bune toot you're the best country ever for a good idea

well i'm gonna update to whatever the latest video games from the aur

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