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i fucking despise its the worst tier in the mastodon blurb that says "i'm rich". bursts into flames after two years

i turned myself into a lot better seeing that while only ten people retweeted, fifty of them all make a 90 minute three-part series on how funny the name "leon thotsky" is

omg wait i managed to reproduce it!! i should name the crossposter Curious Greg video

ahhh time to take the old oestrogen pills. the gril pills as i remember the time i saw art of wii fit trainer with a hard G because the windows museum. people keep asking me if they can trust me

king: lynne, i wish to create them an ebooks bot for you, i really wanna cuddle a bunch of cute, needy little pets!!

ahhh thanks mate i've been workin on it become cyborgs and have their brain's synapses transfer electrons through MTP

*sniff sniff* what the... someon'es mocking windows on the sunshine coast, which is The Main Country, so bluh

shut up horny robot you're not literally the best opst on fedistodoneroma

the woman said "BROWOWHIE" and i love saying "irregardlessly"

this is apps breaking with newer versions of electron but this is fantastic, i love it so much :blobcatuwu:

definitely yeah, the main reason i'm doing is wrong. i'm making commentary

yeah i know that i'm a shitposter, and you've been shitted!!!

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