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okay so the land in america is US territory. and if you go one metre above land you're in US territory. and if you fly above, you're in US territory (airspace). does it have a limit or does it extend into an infinitely long USA-shaped pyramid expanding at the same rate as the universe boosted

@lynnesbian there's tentative, small-scale clinical evidence from a couple of years ago

pet told me that psylocibin (magic mushrooms) are apparently pretty effective at fighting depression

unfortunately you can't just go to woolies and buy a value pack so i came up with a practical alternative

first, we deploy a barge in international waters between portugal (where drug possession is decriminalised) and australia (where lynne is henlo). we buy two of those pedal powered glider copter things. one of us goes to portugal on a plane, the other stays here. every month, the one in portugal buys The Goods and pedals to the barge where they will meet up with the other one. then we swap positions. boosted

@lynnesbian oh the compiler! I thought you meant you'd give my instance half your cores

you might be wondering, did i see a cool lizard when i went to brisbane

the answer is yes

a new fun game for linux PCs: The System Keeper

every now and then, the evil system keeper will run lsof to see if you're modifying any system files. if he catches you, you lose a CPU core! the catch is, the system is currently broken and needs manual fixing to get running again. can you repair your computer before the keeper pulls the plug on you?

gcc and pacman and shit can have the even numbered cores and the odd numbered cores should be free for games and firefox and all that

there should ALSO be an extra 500MB of ram that only gets used in emergencies so your computer doesn't immediately shit the bed as soon as you accidentally allocate all your ram to minecraft

furthermore: a pez dispenser

when will windows allow you to mount each CPU core to a drive letter boosted

new revolutionary idea: computers should have the "computer shit CPU" and the "user CPU" so i can do computer shit (compiling megabytes of code on all cores) while also doing user shit (watching "pissed off alpaca" on youtube)

cmake is good because it has the nice colours and percentages on the build progress boosted

@lynnesbian im gonna do it on all your posts, hyperinflating the favourite economy

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my pet backslash went missing. i tried looking for it, but it escaped me

one day every ebooks bot is going to post something like "immortality is a prison and lynne is the jailkeeper" at the same time and i'll just shrug and say "markov chains are wack"

you're only ever supposed to use the favourite button on one post. you can't have more than one favourite

my superpower is being able to see 360 degrees but it looks like the quake 360 FOV mod

lynne bune - resumé

henlo i am smol rabbit. i am good at

✅ programmeing
✅ rimworld
✅ spending two hours writing a script to automate a five minute task i do once a month
✅ making loud squealing noises when watching animal videos
✅ i beat the undertale genocide run once
✅ configuring linux so you can type diacritics

please do NOT
❌ responsibilities
❌ loud noises
❌ laugh when i say something particularly naive
❌ minecraft with enemies turned on. the endermen make me cry

thank you.

i am becoming increasingly aware that i am not only incapable of functioning well in higher education, but in life as a whole

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