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open source the software, stop having it be closed source

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✅ GUI layout
🔶 Basic documentation
🔶 Code
❌ Installers for :linux: :windows: :finder:
❌ Finalised documentation
❌ "Final release" (project is done, but will be continuously updated and supported for a while)

joking aside i think the bots are broken..... maybe i shouldn't care but cool.......................

- FACT: pikachus can only read hiragana so i can get booste

*stubs my toe* h-haha just RNG manipulation *jumps into a blob emoji morty

@​Gargron technically ive just outed myself as obsessive

@​CornishRepublicanArmy gooo lucy go! gooo lucy go! gooo lucy go!

perfect... my three best friends, @lynnesbian @lynnesbian @dissoci8n @lewdsbian

i want the old toddie who would frequently change profile pictures and usernames to absolute garbage

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