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so uh if you think 2019 lynne makes bad programs

this was 2015 lynne's assignment for IPT

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thought she was MY minecraft girlfriend... but then she fell in lava and respawned at my best friend's house 😞

if you want to delete a save game in an xbox 360 game on the xbox one, you need to open any 360 game, press the menu and view buttons simultaneously to open the 360 guide, then choose "manage storage" which closes the game and opens the 360 save game manager, and then delete the game from there

what is microsoft dOING


ugh. if i call for me will you pick up and say it's the wrong number? i owe me money and i just don't wanna deal with it right now.

one day phones will be so advanced that you can call yourself

no matter how many technologies come along promising that "you'll never email yourself a file again" im still gonna keep doing it

girl is a recursive backcronym for "GIRL in real life"

my mum always called sudoku "suduko" and I thought she misread it or something but one day i saw the magazine she usually does sudoku in and the magazine has it spelt wrong too

im depressed and feel inadequate so its video games time babey

Wearing nothing but a hoodie and underwear is a power move

food, me being inept at cooking again 

Change the EST offset to the average of all Eastern time zones

@lynnesbian strike me down and I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine

@lynnesbian this post makes me uncomfortable, like I'm looking at a gap in reality I can't see with my eyes yet still perceive

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