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reminder: if you want an ebooks bot but don't wanna host it yourself, you can pledge the $2.50 tier on my patreon and i'll do it for you! you'll be able to set things like posting frequency (even to weird stuff like once a day or every 12 minutes), content warnings, accounts it should follow, and more!!

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its not fair i want to be able to have hardware acceleration on hd videos

linux ploease add openGL 3 support to my 9 year old intel integrated gpu

reminder: the ebooks tier on my patreon lets you have up to three ebooks bots. if you and a friend (or two!) would both like an ebooks bot, only one of you has to pay!

the bots can also learn from multiple accounts, so you could make a bot that learns from you, one that learns from your friend, and a third one that learns from both!! just make sure you have your friend's permission first c:

lynne had a good toot about how every other country can put together what weird american words mean through context, but americans just can’t do it for anyone else at all lmao

the ssd upgrade really makes you notice how slow the first gen i3 is

every time i git pull i risk having to fight merge issues for my right to have toots called shits, and boosts called yeets

my favourite part of updating glitch-soc is fixing the locale merge issues

(it is not at all my favourite part)

i wish i had ideas like @rct_guest more frequently

fun little shitpost bots that are fun and relatively easy to make

restoring the image to the brand new SSD! 0u0

it's only a 240GB one because the 480GB one was double the price and i don't really need that much storage on this little thing

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