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i'm going to end this thread now because this is an abomination that i no longer wish to subject my followers to

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@evan i can't pin this, but i can reply to it and pin my reply

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just saw vape ape is trying his best you fucking commie this is fucking hilarious

stallman: fuck you linus. i don't need your cake.
stallman: *spends twenty years baking a cake without networking support*
stallman: *defends paedophilia*

i realised that i wanted to keep my girldick forever when i shouted "take it, bitch" after throwing a red shell at my girlfriend in mario kart

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reminder that trans people who don't want SRS are valid af. you can have my cock when you pry it from my cold dead hands

carly rae jepsen said “I’m just going to a discount at varying breakfast chains because of my terrible accent

have you guys heard about @lynnesbian's dick, it's a pretty good one

@null thank u. you can come back when you wanna talk about dicks or shit on matt for this bob seger nonsense

@lynnesbian actually, what you're referring to as turban sage I've taken to calling Turban/Sage or turban plus sage

broke: wanting to suck your own dick by removing ribs
woke: wanting to suck your own dick by fucking your clone

cryptocurrency will kill superman

@lynnesbian a weird englishman was listening to a bob seger song, decided "turn the page" sounded like "turban sage" and then tried to formulate a toot based on a song nobody else likes

it's perfectly awful

more like Nerds Enraged (me and lynne are the enraged nerds because of matt's shitty post)

my dick? excellent. truly fantastic. one of the best dicks of all time. literally a godlike dick

lynne is talking about computers now and i'm just like... can we go back to talking about dicks.

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