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women are underrepresented in all of tech except virtual assistant voices :blobcatthinking:

i can feel your love in the air tonight 🎡
alexa buy "lynne's greatest hits" by lynne bune, confirm purchase
and it feels so good 🎡

if i ever become a famous musician im gonna include "ok google" and "hey siri" in the lyrics

in europe we say "hello pal"
in america they say "hello ntsc"

@lynnesbian the danganronpa music.... The roller mobster......

oh my fucking god lynne you are a genius

@lynnesbian Lynne I love but in all things that are holy and good what the fuck

the sonic series sucks ass (long) 

the sonic series sucks ass (long) 

the sonic series sucks ass (long) 

remember that time i made a massive post about why sonic sucks

the French revolution is a smol sof boy confirmed

one day im gonna open one of those "click to die instantly" images and its gonna happen

in the sims you can put money in your fridge and food appears

in real life the nazis have come back

when is the sims 5 with VR coming out

very short, psychological horror 

depression hygiene shitpost 

nintendo pls let use use grey skin on miis its hard enough positioning the eyebrows to look like horns

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