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so uh if you think 2019 lynne makes bad programs

this was 2015 lynne's assignment for IPT

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@lynnesbian 50% of the population is women now but we're recruiting too

ht​t​ps://​if a post doesn't start with https, it's not secure

it's january 26th, and every australian knows what that means

it's the anniversary of the first public demonstration of the television, by john logie baird!! :toot:

you're laughing. one of my mutuals uses a twitter crossposter and you're laughing.

you ever notice how like 50% of the earth's population is female? i don't have anything against women or anything, but it's just unrealistic to have so many of them

you're laughing. one of my mutuals uses a twitter crossposter and you're laughing.

its also pretty funny how they say they need to adapt to new technologies and then two paragraphs later mention that you can use windows 7 to keep playing

funny in a depressing and infuriating sort of way

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the essentualism of dysphoria as a part of the trans experience is a very toxic idea focused around the medicalisation of transness. some trans people have dysphoria, but it's not a prerequisite. trans people are people who decide to deviate from their birth gender, they are not people with dysphoria. people can do what the fuck they want, if somebody thinks damn it'd be kinda cool to just be a girl the same way they might wanna dye their hair go the fuck for it.

we need to work at the demedicalisation of transness the way we did for homosexuality. it's not a mental health disorder, it''s a lifestyle choice that just kinda happens. there's no logical reasoning behind it and looking for one ultimately leads to this need to 'cure' it as a negative thing than to work on the social things around it that make transness a stressful experience.

'dysphoria' is a social condition created by transphobia locking away the freedom of expression, it's not a sickness created by trans people

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rocket league is dropping support for macOS and linux in march

they state it's because they want to move to DX11 and therefore can't support other operating systems, but haven't mentioned why they aren't just using vulkan or something

of note: rocket league is still available on and will continue to be updated for the switch and PS4, neither of which support directX

and get this - remember that bullshit nintendo club where you could get "exclusive merchandise" or "full games" by spending points? it's been replaced by something infinitely better - if you buy a game, you get (up to) a whole sixty cents to use towards future purchases!! and buying games through the eshop gives you even more coins, so when you think about it it's justified that breath of the wild (launch title) still sells for AU$90

(sixty cents must be redeemed within two years of manufacture of the cartridge. not all games include coins.)

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nintendo switch online is awesome! you get free access to some of nintendo's hottest games mere decades after release, easy to remember twelve digit friend codes instead of confusing usernames, online gameplay in mario maker 2 and SSBU that fans are calling "barely functional" and "technically working", cutting edge features such as voice chat through an app that doesn't work on rooted phones - you couldn't do THAT on the original xbox that released two decades ago, because the xbox's voice chat used the actual console instead! you even get to subscribe to bank, home AND nintendo switch online to transfer pokemon! nintendo really knows how to innovate

:porky_happy: nintendo when they convince the norwegian court that preorders are non-refundable and non-cancellable
:porky_happy: nintendo when they make it impossible to get refunds on anything sold through the eshop
:porky_happy: nintendo when they pirate their own games and sell ten of them back to you preloaded onto a microconsole while "accidentally" not producing enough, leasing to a supply shortage and artificially and dramatically increasing the price
:porky_happy: nintendo when you need to subscribe to switch online, pokemon bank AND pokemon home to send pokemon from the 3DS to the switch
:porky_scared: nintendo when people download a thirty year old video game without purchasing it despite the fact that it is literally impossible to purchase a new copy of said game

thinking about the time an angry fashy teen wrote a huge transphobic/homophobic/shit "blog post" on gitlab about how terrible i am and how you'd have to have mental issues to want anything to do with me, and then two months later DM'd me asking for help setting up an ebooks bot

i wonder what i'm more well known for, drama or ebooks bots

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