predictions for android 10 (Q):
- a massive restructure that massively improves battery life!! (no actual change)
- machine learning scans your text messages and guesses at who will die next
- Project Sawfish rewrites half the UI, breaking the obscure old app you paid for two years ago that's become an essential part of your workflow
- notifications now go "swoosh" and "wheee"!! haha :)
- more battery improvements please oh god the battery barely lasts at all please help us
- java turd polish
- complete rewrite of the storage API
- support for headphone jacks has been deprecated uwu sowwy please buy a pixel OwO

@lynnesbian - EMM support (haha just kidding fuck you Android Enterprise/Android for Work you fucking trash fuck)

@lynnesbian Actually, some time ago I asked a google developer about the usage of rust in their products, and they said that FuchisaOS is partially written in Rust for example.

Maybe we'll see Rust as a first-class programming language?

@sol @amy @lynnesbian Regardless of what Gwyneth Paltrow says to the contrary, quinoa is not a "treat"

If Android Q's default wallpaper isn't John de Lancie, I'll be sorely disappointed.

- AR is now our new interface to talk with google
- VR is the only way you can watch youtube
- Now your whole family can scan their irises too'

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