roses are red
violets are blue
use python 3
not python 2

ive had this lazy shitpost boosted onto my tl twenty fucking times now its not even that good

@lynnesbian roses are red
violets are violet
use perl six
not perl fiveolet

@00dani @lynnesbian roses are red
violets are blue
what take so long
I want Go version 2

@lynnesbian Anyone starting a project with Python 2 in 2018 is a reactionary.

@arielmt @lynnesbian I have been trying hard to only write new things in Python, but somehow I have wandered from PHP into Lua in this large open source project I am trying to extend.

Hopefully my pull requests get accepted...

I go over the top 

this is just to say 

@lynnesbian Lynne said about every toot she ever made.

narrator: little did she know this would only perhaps boost her popularity

@LottieVixen the ones i actually put scores of minutes of effort into like the video ones go unnoticed and this turd that i excreted onto my page took like ten seconds

@lynnesbian tbh they are disturbing to me, hence I don't boost or view them anymore...sorry

@lynnesbian @marble afaik it can it just has a different string type for them?

@marble it seems to have changed from
bytes("hello", "ascii")


for b in b'hello':

the iterator in python3 gives an int and not a char

@marble yeah it seems like you have to use percent formatting which is gross

I like to use python for data processing for stuff like byte level data processing and python3 makes it unnecessarily hard

And apparently every time some addresses this issue on the python dev ML the credo is
"this is edge case - no fix needed - works for me"

@lynnesbian But all my code is in python 2 and it would take forever to update the libraries :(

@lynnesbian Don't uwu me!! I don't want to go through all that effort!

I do wonder when the community will start to actually move on to 3 lol

@SilencingTrees i have :blobcat:
it's python's fault for backporting so many of the new stuff to python 2, removing much of the motivation to upgrade

Someone make a program that ports all my code to python 3. Maybe it exists already 😛

@SilencingTrees @lynnesbian 2to3?

not prefect, but a leaves less to manually cleanup anyway


I generally consider Python 3 the better Python. Relegating reduce to functools, though, is gonna make this always not a completely clean cut.

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