progressives: we should give trans people rights
conservatives: we should not
liberals: hmm is there some way we could make everyone happy
progressives: no
trans people: no
conservatives: why not compromise and give trans people less, but not zero, rights
liberals: finally some common sense that makes everyone happy, so much for the tolerant left

@lynnesbian And this is why people further left than left of center are so angry right now. Apply that to any marginalized community. T-T

haha, I love it when my basic human rights are violated in the name of 'common ground'

@lynnesbian increasingly:
everyone non-radical: good show. hey since one good turn deserves another actually lets not give em rights and say we did
everyone non-radical: good idea us
trans ppl: so our options are revolt or die huh
radicals: same as it ever was with you and me huh

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