@lynnesbian (i was tapping "show more" so many times before figuring it out lmao)

@lynnesbian i'm on mobile so it didn't quite work for me

still good tho

@lynnesbian I should have seen this because the font antialias is different on windows/ffx but instead I clicked it twicebecause I didn't realize what had happened

@lynnesbian I even fucking though the button looked a bit off because it's resized a little.

@lynnesbian I was like "is this the new mastodon's version button ? How did it appear without me refreshing the page ?" :')

@lynnesbian (for context my interface is in French + my instance has a custom theme which make it appear brighter)

@lynnesbian it's not eaven the same colour as this instance's background and i still clicked on it

@lynnesbian lol looks like we had the same idea 1 day apart

I made :cw1::cw2::cw3::cw4: october 30th for a bit

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