the latest samsung phone has a "bixby" button
when you press it, it immediately launches samsung's shitty version of alexa/siri/etc
you can't disable it
every time someone manages to release a way to disable it samsung patches the exploit

this is the most popular android manufacturer

what the FUCK.

@lynnesbian Wait really? That's terrifying. Especially given the fact that Samsung accounts for 20% of Korean GDP and makes military equipment.

@lynnesbian I'd still wanna tcpdump that traffic and find the cosine distance between network requests and my speech patterns as determined by a voice recorder.

I mean I'd be too lazy to do it, probably, but I'd think real hard about it. Or like not get the fishy phone. But I have an iPhone out of really dumb habit so I'm a hypocrite.

Do you know any good safe open source phones?

@sophia i'm incredibly hyped for when it's ready (april 2018)
there's also the neo900 which is in the works
and if you'd reeeaally like to, you can try porting ubuntu touch to your phone, although that can't be done with an iphone

@lynnesbian Well then...

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