My Curious Cat crossposter is up and running! You can sign up here:

Once you've created your account and set everything up, anything you post to your Curious Cat will automatically be crossposted to your Mastodon account! :blobcathappy:

feedback is super duper appreciated! if there are any bugs or improvements you'd like or anything, don't hesitate to let me know! 0u0

@lynnesbian Why does it require me to both log in with mastodon *and* create a local account? You'd think one of the two would be enough

@embr yeah i guess so. i can't remember why i chose this but i did

@lynnesbian now it's 502ing trying to connect to a curiouscat account :(

@embr aaa i'm so sorry i thought it would work right off the bat
try going to /home and redoing the connection process

@embr just checked the database and it looks like it went through successfully actually

@lynnesbian I think the link to the code is missing the "lynnesbian" before the repo :)

@lynnesbian Could you add an option to CW the crossposts? That way less timeline real estate would be taken up when people are on a question answering spree.

@Robby yeah the option's there but it's disabled by default
i just enabled it uwu

@lynnesbian I'm getting a 500 error "The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application."

@lynnesbian upon retry, i'm only getting it with octodon. Knzk and work fine

i'm so sorry for all the technical issues, i've never done anything like this before!

@lynnesbian if you need a hand hmu, I'm quite well versed in bending servers to my will :P

@lynnesbian nobody in the history of computers has ever launched something that worked perfectly on day one

I do this shit for a living, launch days are *always* "hotfix all the bugs you never saw in staging" days

and that's with people who've done this before, *everyone's* first application crashes horribly right away

@embr @lynnesbian yeah, I do this shit for a living, for money, and 25% percent of my time is just live-hacking craptastic code that was deployed

@embr @lynnesbian Atlassian has a free t shirt for you: I bought thousands of dollars worth of bug tracking software and all I got was this t-shirt

@lynnesbian Oh, and: the real world is fucking weird.

I work for a bank. The last "big" project I was a part of launching had a bug where you just, couldn't buy anything from this one, random Japanese tour guide. I was late at the office the last day of the beta, before it rolled out to everyone in the morning, trying to fix that.

It turns out this *one website* ran software that rejected all messages that didn't put the fields in the *exact order they're listed in the protocol specification*.

@lynnesbian Oh and I got there in the morning, after *months* of testing to try to stamp out bugs before we switched everyone onto it.

The moment we hit ship, a bunch of shit broke, because computers are extremely bad.

@lynnesbian this is precisely how you learn, hand in there

i probably shouldn't have published this at 00:15, huh

i added more worker threads and it seems like things aren't dying constantly now

oh btw it should work for pleroma too but i haven't tested it

@lynnesbian anything similar for retrospring? I don't use any Q and A sites like that, but I've seen both Curious Cat and Retrospring being used on fediverse

@a_breakin_glass @lynnesbian i would love that but no pressure, honestly, i almost never check on it

@lynnesbian the ability to manually go up and down by a single number is really really tempting me to waste my god damn time going up by like every single number


Two questions:

1. would it have worked if I entered instead of

2. if so, can you fix it on your end

@lynnesbian How about this: delete my curious greg account and I'll try remaking it as @ben.


<title>500 Internal Server Error</title>
<h1>Internal Server Error</h1>
<p>The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application.</p>

Time to dissect your code and see if I can fix it from my end...

@lynnesbian ok, two things:

1. /.well-known/host-meta and all that

2. the "uri" field of gives the preferred domain for accounts hosted on that instance.

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