when your optical implants detect that you're looking at pornography in which a woman ejaculates, which is illegal under UK law*, so your neural implant blurs out the content and deducts fifty points from your Citizen Ranking


@lynnesbian we all know that British politicians are more depraved sex pervert than anyone, so it's obvious they're projecting their own shame onto others

ukpol lewd Show more

ukpol very lewd Show more


wow, that list is incredible

my favorite part is the bit at the end where it's like "these three things are life endangering" and i'm just like

i need lesbeans to quickly endanger my life, pls

@Scarly @lynnesbian so... strangulation? I mean, if you really want me to... :blobsleepless:

@lynnesbian "life endangering"???

cumming is now life endangering? fuck, i'm gonna go it more while i smoke three weeds at once.

@lynnesbian this would never happen in the USA because when something is life-endangering it becomes required by the constitution.

well its technically not illegal, they just need an orgasming loicence


government: HAHA GET FUCKED
government: wait no the opposite of that


@lynnesbian am i allowed to nae nae without whipping?

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