when you work at a nuclear power plant and join the union and get into a position of power and start investigating and discovering the incredibly unsafe working conditions including getting contaminated with plutonium from just filing paperwork and having 400 times the legal plutonium contamination limit so you start investigating the company and writing a report and the company argues that you poisoned yourself on purpose to make the company look bad and you bring your report findings to the new york times but you crash your car on the way there and during the autopsy it is discovered that your papers aren't there (even though you brought them with you) and the autopsy finds that your blood contained high amounts of sedatives and also your name is karen silkwood and this actually fucking happened

@lynnesbian A friend of mine in nuclear has a piece of yellow tape in her lab. One side is high radiation, the other side is low rad. Their Tritium tests turned up anonymities, so they started to test clean sample barrels with tap water. The trace amounts were coming from tap water. TVA has bought up more and more land around Watts Barr to hide a leak they can't find. My dad worked in nuclear for over 20 years. He's retired and still alive though.

@lynnesbian oh and also, I made this video back in 2009 about a non-nuclear TVA disaster, the Kingston Fossil dam failure:

@lynnesbian "At current rates of administration, patients in Auckland, for example, every day release more than twice as much radioactivity into local waters as the entire US nuclear fleet and support facilities release annually to all harbours and coastal waters around the world." --The Anti Nuclear Game, 1990

@lynnesbian lynne is this one of my future content warnings

Not a power plant, a fabrication facility (where they make fuel rods and actually handle the fissile material), but yeah.

@lynnesbian The nuclear power industry has many things like this, and worse.
You should see how much tools gets lost/found in the pipe maze when maintenance is done.

I had to Google that to male sure you weren't trolling and holy crap wtf?!

@lynnesbian zealot voice: "capitalism are peaceful and non-violent".

@lynnesbian I thought this was going to be a Simpsons riff but instead it was just sad and angry :(

@lynnesbian wait, is this the person Mona Simpson is based on? 🤔

@lynnesbian gotta be honest, out of all groups that would want to assassinate their perceived threats, "a nuclear power company" is close to the last thing i'd expect.

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