packages half a year old
huge modifications from upstream sources to maintain The Debian Way™
documentation insults you for even considering running sid
spend hours of your life processing triggers for man-db...
have to put up with month-long feature freezes every two years
dist-upgrade always ruins everything

packages are updated with millisecond delay
only three modifications from upstream ever took place and the programmer responsible was hanged
documentation literally sucks your dick as you read it, tfw no arch wiki gf
pacman -Syu is done before you even press enter
no brakes on the update train
nothing ever breaks, ever
has never heard a song in their life

@lynnesbian I did not understand the titles and did not read further

@lynnesbian the chad arch manipulator: hell yeah I love the feeling of the cold steel of this blade running against my dick and balls because BLEEDING EDGE BABEY

@lynnesbian lynne don't pretend arch users are just as virgin-y as gentoo users
@tay @lynnesbian arch users are less interesting than gentoo users.

gentoo people are least walking the walk.

@lynnesbian you earned the reblog for "has never heard a song in their life"

@lynnesbian debian testing ftw

No feature freezes and the odds of breaking stuff from sid are less likely.

@KitsuneAlicia they still get freezes whenever they prepare to make testing the new stable :blobcatuwu:

@lynnesbian So, a couple weeks every 5 years? Still sounds like a decent compromise imo.

@lynnesbian "has never heard a song in their life"
is this why all the music players on linux are shit

@headachebooth lollypop is good if you can get past the performance (fucking python)
elisa looks promising but it's nowhere near ready
rip tomahawk

@lynnesbian lollypop didn't work properly with flacs last i tried. i think it would list them but not play them, and nearly all of my library is flac

@headachebooth oh jeez that sucks :c
mine are all in .ogg so i never noticed
it's kinda buggy, doesn't surprise me that it wouldn't work with flac

@lynnesbian I switched to Debian because Arch completely broke after an update.

Will switch to Alpine later

@lynnesbian Arch didn't work right for me but Debian did. 🤔

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