@lynnesbian are they using electron? I've got no problem with using a framework I'm just curious because every chat app based on electron seems to have the same layout from Discord to Wire.

@lynnesbian @radicalrobit what's wrong with these people why aren't they bring creative and designing their own UI, instead opting for the same UI used in proprietary software? where are the points for being creative?

@xinayder yeah it's not very creative i know, but they've at least put their own spin on it, and there's a reason so many people copy successful user interfaces

@xinayder why waste time on being different for the sake of being different?

@radicalrobit then why waste time coding an encrypted chat app if it works just like Slack?

it may be more friendly because people are used to this interface, but meh. I wonder if they spent their time designing the app to look exactly like Discord or if there's a framework for it.

@xinayder probably because slack isn't fucking encrypted and isn't peer to peer

@radicalrobit @lynnesbian Riot.im is just a rich web client for Matrix. You can use whatever Matrix client you want! Although more are in alpha stages, there are some terminal-based ones and native ones.

@lynnesbian any way of trying this out? A beta channel download or something?

@lynnesbian too bad. The article is from May, so its over half a year old news and still nothing to show for it...

@lynnesbian we’ve had some distractions but it’s converging on completion. WIP is up at riot.im/experimental (warning: still a lot missing)

@matrix oh, i didn't know matrix.org had a masto account! glad to hear it's being worked on! :blobcathappy:

@lynnesbian I've stayed away from matrix mainly because of that but I might start using it with that

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