my face when someone calls the new people "mastodon newcomers" instead of "fediverse newcomers" and normalises the idea that mastodon is the one and only federated social network to exist

@lynnesbian i am super guilty of using mast or mastodon interchangeably with fediverse. i need to curb that thank you.

i feel like this will annoy me 100x more if i make something that federates

@lynnesbian we've come full circle, maybe I should organise a lemon party to celebrate

@lynnesbian I'm not going to lie, I'm making this on purpose.

I'm sure they'll eventually get there (fediverse), but until then it avoid an overload of new terms that people dont have ways to relate to yet.

Its a journey

Hey I'm new here and I keep seeing people say fediverse, could you explain what it means please?

@alice @lynnesbian if you ever do that again, I will tell your mother

@alice mastodon is part of the fediverse, and so are pleroma, peertube, gnu social, etc. the fediverse is a concept rather than an actual thing. a post from your instance,, "federates" to other mastodon instances, pleroma instances, et cetera. all of these instances make up the fediverse. 💜

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