*macOS voice* openGL? who uses that anymore? switch to the Apple Exclusive Metal API™ instead. what's that? "openCL is the standard for machine learning"? all i heard was "blah blah blah i'm a smelly nerd who can't afford a mac pro"! use Metal™ instead of these legacy technologies

seriously. macOS is deprecating fucking OPENGL. what in the mother of FUCK are they doing.

@lynnesbian making more money than you or I will ever earn in our lifetime

@lynnesbian Just internalise it and help burn it down, one step at a time

@lynnesbian dude what. how is that possible. are they being bribed by Nvidia or something? is this going to be USB vs. Firewire again, but dumber?

@lynnesbian so yeah, this is a giant mistake do they think that anyone so gonna use it? someone's gonna write an open CL to metal adapter soon

@DJWalnut i'm pretty sure they're making a terrible mistake, but then again, who uses a mac for gaming or machine learning lmao

time to install linu... oh wait you can't do that anymore on new macs

@dev_ponies i'm pretty sure you can still install linux on the macbooks, it's just a PITA

last i heard it requires an external drive

@lynnesbian going niche is risky, as you lose customs like gamers and ML people.

there's already vulkan to metal translators
@lynnesbian not using their brains at all
i like how apple's taking some steps forward with making some of their shit open source, but then taking a million steps back with bullshit like the whole right-to-repair thing and... this

@lynnesbian here at apple inc we believe we’ve created the next step in connectivity. starting january 2019, we’re phasing out wifi,

The internet is a legacy technology using deprecated standards such as HTTP and FTP. Introducing Apple Connect. Never again will you have to interact with filthy non-apple users

Breathing is a legacy technology using depreciated standards such as Oxygen and Nitrogen. Introducing Apple Lung, a brand new revolutionary technology from Apple.

@lynnesbian Did you know AC and DC are technologies from the fucking 19th century? Our top engineers have been hard at work and we’d like to show you a video of what they came up with

@lynnesbian @neufv Users are an out-dated technology that is imherently wasteful. In macOS 10.14.1 we will be deprecating users. Developers should switch to the latest release of macHiveMind, which allows Apple to directly control all of your devices, resulting in a more efficient use of the latest Apple hardware

@lynnesbian well technically OpenGL and OpenCL are obsoleted by Vulkan

@kaniini yes, but they're still widely used. i wouldn't call them a "legacy technology", in the same way that directX 11 or winforms isn't legacy

they're only legacy because apple refused to update past 3.1 or some crap
@hj @lynnesbian

Khronos has indicated that OpenGL 4.6 is intended to be the last revision, haven't they?
@kaniini @lynnesbian didn't hear about that. Not entirely sold on "everything should be vulkan" either. I mean new apps, maybe? But for most non-gaming existing stuff transition would probably give little to no benefit.

@lynnesbian the least they could've done was use vulcan so multi-platform devs wouldn't have to do extra work

Yeah I already decided not to buy another Mac. When my 2012 Pro dies or becomes unusable, that's it. Fuck Apple!

@lynnesbian "vulkan? *vulkan*? get the fuck out of my face before I take a iBat to your knees"

"legacy technologies"
apple sure does just live in its own reality

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